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Monday, October 04, 2004

2004 Complete...

The 2004 San Diego Padres season is complete. I think that it would be extremely safe to say that 2004 was a successful season for the Padres. A twenty three game improvement over the 2003 campaign. This season saw the development of some young Padres, Khalil Greene and Jake Peavy. Khalil should be parading around his Rookie of the Year trophy relatively soon, while Jake can enjoy his E.R.A. title, and at this time next year, I think he will be holding his first Cy Young award.

2004 also saw and saw and saw repeatedly over the course of the entire year the weakened state of our outfield. Defensively in particular, adjustments to the new park need to be made. That crew that patrols the outfield was rather mediocre at the dish all year, a trend that I don't expect to continue. No one predicted the down power numbers and the off year that some of those guys had. I would expect to see a change out in center once again.

The pitching staff showed promise at times and showed the same weaknesses at times as well. Jake looks really solid, but Lawrence and Eaton still have some way to go to get to where I think they want to be. I would love it if Wellsy stuck around for another year and helped those guys with their games, however I think he is on his way back to the demons that parted with him last year. And so we look for a number five as well.

Overall on a one to ten scale I would say I put the 2004 at about a 7.5. I expected much less from this team. They were entertaining, played hard and made a pretty solid run at the post season. Whether or not they would have had an impact on the playoffs is questionable, but there were significant improvements since last year and it can only develop and come together even better. Combined with a low payroll, drawing over three million fans this year and selling all kinds of new Padre colors, there should be some money to get some solid additions to this club.

I have yet to decide whether or not I am going to post for the playoffs seeing as how we are brutal outsiders. I might do a little anti-Yankee posting, given that I hate them so. I want to thank Brian again for letting me rant my garbage over here and I would really enjoy the opportunity again next year, at least a part time gig.

For those of you who follow the other best team in San Diego, there is a group effort that has been slow going as of yet, but expect it to develop quickly now that the baseballing is over.
  • Super Chargers
  • It will be very similar to what you see over here, but with a few more opinions and some more developed posts due to time between games.

    That's it from here for now, perhaps there will be some posts if the Red Sox and Yanks have some more memorable ones. Check out the Chargers site, and hopefully I will be back next year. Lastly, thanks to the Padres for making baseball fun here again.


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