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Monday, September 13, 2004

Weekend Roundup...

Well the computer herpes has been identified. Time and time again now it has been repaired. Unfortunately there is some kind of gaping hole somewhere the size of Texas in my system that makes the computer herpes come back over and over and over.... gotta patch the gash. The computer gets to live for one more session of treatment.

On to baseball. Whatever it is that Colorado has the Padres don't want any of it. Every time we have the opportunity to play a cream puff and pick up some games and pad the stats, we play like garbage in Colorado. As far as I am concerned the Rockies, and the Broncos for that matter can just go take a flying leap in a shallow pond in their far too unpolluted mountains. Back to the smog of L.A...

I started this with a five run Padre lead about oh, ten minutes ago. The lead that was built on two souveniers by Phil that brought four Padres to their homes, call them R.B.I's. Two pitchers, a handful of hits and a couple of strikeouts later, that four finger and a thumb lead was down to a peace sign. Two more innings to play with a two run um.., cushion? Lead? Uh, hang on guys, hang on...

Two out rallies are always fun, so we are going to turn this into live blogging the last couple of innings just for fun. The Padres eighth started one out, two out. Loretta gets hit number two on the night, followed by Giles number three on the night, a double. After a Phil Nevin intentional "we aren't pitching to that guy again tonight" walk, Bochy's got the coin out and he is pinch hitting for Kerry Robinson. Terrance Long will hit for Mr. Robinson and now we watch commercials after a routine fly ball to left... Curse words go here.

Aki out for his second inning of work tonight due to an ailing Scott Linebrink, back spasms or something of that sort. Aki gets a quick fly ball to Giles out in right, one down. He'll get out of this inning and then turn it over to the always exciting Trevor. Let's hope the shoulder is warming up well tonight because Aki just struck out a Bum for out number two. Let's get some insurance guys, for Aki just got the third out and this one is headed for Trevor time, how 'bout a little cushion?

Insurance doesn't come in the form of outs, one down in the Padre ninth. Quicker than I can type, out number two is kicked by shortstop Cesar or is it Jose Izturis? A routiner that Jose decided chuck into the dirt, free base for Ramon. Robert Fick pinch hits for Aki, and is quickly looking at a walk, when strike one catches the corner. A three and one fastball is popped up in the infield, Beltre puts it away. Out number three is lined to the number nine position player on the field if you are scoring at home. Right about now you would be hearing "Hell's Bell's" at home, but since they are in L.A. you are probably hearing gunshots and screaming. Trevor is on his way... I'd be lying if I said that I knew we had this one was wrapped up. I hate that feeling...

First fastball looked o.k. Second fastball is fouled off. First change-up was a good one and sent Jason Werth to the bench with a K in his pocket.

Two missed fastballs to Steve Finley. Third one is a get over fastball and it does, albeit at a scorching 82 m.p.h. Foul ball and it's even at two, two.
Finley just gave away a baseball, just foul. I mean just foul. This is tough to watch.
Another foul ball to right field and Brian Giles dropped it. Oh no...
A couple of foul balls at the plate, Trevor goes with the change again, ball three.
Apparently, Steve Finley can't hit an 85 m.p.h. fastball and he K's again, nice line tonight Finley O-5, 3K's.
Now it's the M.V.P candidate. Beltre just swung out of his shoes at a good change up. Count goes even with a changeup in the dirt. Fastball misses in just a bit, two and one.
Big, Big swing, result is just a foul ball, two and two to Beltre.
The magic number three misses down, count goes full.
Big fastball on the outside corner, Beltre goes and sits down. Trevor K's the side. Ball game. Nice work guys, happy Padres fans everywhere. How about a repeat tomorrow night. More then...


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