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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

That's Pretty Good...

Big win tonight. I can't emphasise that enough, this was must win, as is basically tomorrow and then the entire weekend with the Giants. If we can sweep this road trip out we might have a seedy liquor store lottery ticket's chance for the playoffs. Optimism, optimism.

Two major league awful factors tonight that the team was able to overcome and rally back from. First, well the first inning for Brian Lawrence. Just awful. No other words can describe starting a road game against the first place team in a must win game with a thirty-six pitch three run inning. Nice hole to work out of right off the bat.
Second, those God forsaken horrible road uniforms. It has to be hard to wear that garbage and play the game. Those things are just horrible. No other words come to mind to describe them except maybe "those vomit colored uniforms". Oh well.

Not a pretty game overall, came back from the dead, added to the lead and played a bit of cardiac arrest baseball in the bottom half of the ninth to make it semi-interesting. This group can be harder to watch than the 2a.m. last call heavyweight hook-up at the local watering hole.

Last pre Texas post. Will be making posts from there. Go Padres and Go Chargers. Happy Weekend to all in San Diego. ...

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