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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Super Sweet, Suite...

What to do when a free ticket to Padreland falls into your lap? Head off to the ballpark and catch a nightfest with the rival Bums, that's what you do. Not too many chances to see the ball team left this year so we got out and played battle lots downtown. Parking sure is fun.

Jake Peavy was the story tonight, well the second story. More on that in a bit. Tonight's line for next year's Cy Younger, Eight complete, no runs, oh and eleven "go sit downs". Eleven. Untouchable tonight and quite fun to watch. I know the Bums fans next to us got tired of hearing me tell those guys repeatedly to find their bench cause you 'aint gettin on base. Awesome. Really, lots of fun.

Scoring started off with some Nevin yard work, a two run job. That was all that was necessary to really put the screws to the Dodgers as they were scoreboard watching. Those Giants are getting closer compliments of the Pads, and their repeated drummings of the Astros. Dodger fans everywhere are doing a not so happy dance tonight after their lead shrinks to a decimal point. Ouch. We aren't going anywhere but if we can make some Dodger Blue misery on the way to the golf course, so be it. I won't complain.

Second story of the night: thanks to the good folks at Qualcomm, a mid game invitation to the "Suite" was welcomed wholeheartedly. Right behind the home team's on deck circle was where the game was watched and happy times were on in Padreland. A new part of the ballpark was enjoyed by me and the friends, and the baseball was quite good from there. It almost isn't fun heckling the Dodger faithful, of which there was plenty, from the nice seats. You could just watch their heads hang and their shoulders drop every time another Bum made the walk back to the bench. Did I mention how fun that was tonight? Did I? Awesome.

Many thanks to Carrie (sp?) and Steve from Qualcomm for the invite, and thanks to the Pads and Jake for showing the Bums the door tonight. Ruining their season one game at a time. Can't wait for tomorrow...


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