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Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Well, the computer is on it's last legs as we know it. We are looking at a serious problem that may require emergency surgery. I hesitate to go through with this procedure, I am more the euthanize and restart school, but I take advice when given so we are giving this thing the open heart Clinton as we attempt yet once more to defeat the computer s.t.d. So much fun.

Last night was fun. So much fun to watch the dancing and convulsions of one Jose Lima against our ballclub. It makes me want to go ballclub him over the head. This guy wasn't even in the show last year and now he is dancing and gallivanting like a superstar. Hey Jose, you've managed some run support and gotten some fortunate breaks, thank your lucky stars my friend that someone hasn't put a fastball into your salsa band. Enough of that.

In order to beat the Bums and get to the postseason party you must get a good starting performance from all of your pitchers. If you are convinced that we truly are in a pennant race as all the announcers continue to stress, you cannot start unproven rookies. Justin Germano gave a great effort last night, but there was a critical point in the game when the Pads had just taken the lead on a Klesko home run. Thanks by the way for the extra credit pitch to Mr. M.V.P. Adrian Beltre, I am sure Ryan will be sending you to Donovan's next time you are in San Diego. We had just taken the lead and it was critical to get a stop in the bottom half of the inning. Didn't happen, the Bums put up three that inning and that was all for Mr. Germano for the night. Goodbye lead, Goodbye Justin, Goodbye playoffs. Goodbye.

So your hanging out with your buddies at the local watering hole and you see this really firehouse hot girl at the other end of the bar. She stares at your buddy like she hasn't seen water in about a month. You let your buddy in on the stares and he takes the "don't look now, but look quietly, don't get caught" look at her and his face just melts into fear. He doesn't know quite what to do with the hand he is dealt, so he kind of folds up and does absoulutely nothing. I have seen that face on the young pitchers lately. I saw it as the lead was dissolving on Monday night, I saw it last night, and I am sure to see it again. These young guys are overmatched, not ready for what they need to do to make the postseason. Hopefully they can draw from this for next year.

Posts will be light this weekend due to a trip into Texas for the weekend. I will try to update from there, but I will probably be watching games on the Sprint Internet. Not much detail there but I will try to do my best. More later after tonight's game... then the trip begins.


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