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Thursday, September 30, 2004

My Knee Hurts...

Tuesday night's game just sucked so we are not going to talk about it except to say it sucked and like many teams in San Diego, we had a chance to win that game and just kept letting it get further and further away. No playoffs for you. None playoffs.

Now on to Wednesday night's game. There were many interesting pieces to this one and this was a game that will stick out to me the entire offseason for a few reasons. Let's begin.

David Wells was awesome. His control and his ability to change speeds defined the performance last night. You can tell a guy is hitting his spots when he is out there starting a toothpick manufacturing plant from sixty plus feet away. The Giants managed two early runs on splinter shots and those are the kinds of things that you can just do nothing about. Before I could realize it Wells was into the eight inning in a tie game. Great ball chucking Mr. Wells.

Ramon Hernandez was awesome. He was mashing the potato all night long. Single, double, and with the home squad down two, he took an outside change-up out to center for a visit to the other side of the wall. Tie ball game and a long 360 foot run around the park's infield ending where he started. Made me yell at the t.v. and make nice with the neighbors afterward.

Trevor Hoffman. Man is this guy something. One day he is out there and it looks like his arm might detatch itself completely from the rest of his body and land three rows further up in the stands than Dravecky's did as he squeezes middle eighties out of his fastball. Then there are nights like last night when he looks like the '96 to '98 version of Trevor. The Trevor that came in to that song and had the opponents and their fans peeing in their trousers cause they knew that unless God himself intervened with a hurricane or lightning strike the game was done like the Expos in Montreal, or like Grady Little, or like Drew Brees, or like kids at Neverland Ranch, well you get the point. Just in case we thought the ninth was a fluke, he did it better in the tenth. Thanks Mr. Hoffmann.

Now, the tenth was it's own monster. I am hearing all kinds of garbage about the tenth inning of last night's game. Basically after two errors and a walk the Fathers are bases loaded with their All-Star at the mark. Lazy fly foul ball to right, where Dustin Mohr braves the bullpen mounds, catches the potato and falls down, ruining his night and his patella tendon giving the Good Guys the win. All is well in Padreland, and there is a very injured Giant on the play. I have heard people suggesting that Mohr was faking the injury to cover up a bungled play on his part. You see there are people that belive he should have let that ball drop and give our All-Star another opportunity with the roided out sacks. In my humblest of opinions, this is the biggest pile of horse excrement that I have ever heard and anyone who thinks this way should take a monster flying leap into said dung pile. Mr. Mohr had to make a difficult play. He had to negotiate the practice piles of dirt. He had to record an out and make a strong throw to either prevent the runner from scoring or send him to the bench unhappy. He managed to do one of those things. The Padres wound up scoring and the Giants lost the game. Some are suggesting that he should have let the potato drop, and give the All-Star another shot with both the infield and outfield pressing in like little league. Here is the point: Never. Ever. Ever. Ever, give a team another out. Even if it means that you have to make a play that a hall of famer couldn't make, you never give a team another out. That's like saying errors don't really cost you anything in foul territory cause it's still a strike. Errors are extra outs. I am probably infuriating most of you but if I am a professional baseball player, which I am not, I am doing my best to record the out, and then deal with the next situation which is holding the runner or throwing him out. It was not a perfect situation to be in, but if that was Barry Bonds at the plate, would you catch the ball or let it drop and give him another chance? What would you do? Enough about that.

Shame on everyone who thought Dustin Mohr was faking his injury. You all should feel horrible about yourselves. I hope you all trip over your feet today and fall down too.

Last game at Petcoland for the 2004 year tonight. If anyone has extra tickets please let me know, they are harder to come by than Danny Almonte's birth certificate.

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