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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Keeping the Dream Alive...

Back from Austin and putting the weekend series so far out of mind that I can't even remember who we played. Well, almost. Austin was Africa hot, the music was awesome as were the passes that we had privileges to. It's tough to describe three days of music with Rock Star passes, backstage for eight shows a day, lots of pictures and, oh, baseball, we talk baseball here. Austin was a great time, thanks to those who put it together, back to business now.

Two rare occasions tonight helped the Pads along to a sweet victory over the much despised Bums. The long ball by an unlikely power source in Ramon Vazquez helped the older Weaver practice his exit strategy early while a late gift baseball by the All-Star sealed the deal. Sandwiched in there was the other Ramon's bid for the souvenier shop. Quite unbelievable that with what is the first Santa Ana of the season creating a wind blowing in scenario, the Pads were able to both hit the long shots, score runs, and get a big home win. Some things that have been lacking on the home front all the year long. Nice work.

After a rough start Adam Eaton settled in and found a groove from which to work. Seventy plus pitches in the first three innings does not show well on the score sheet. But he avoided the big innings got through a few more and the bullpen did the rest. No baserunners between innings three and seven plus. Up until that Beltre guy popped his second of the night in the eighth, the Bums were relatively silent at the dish. Someone once told me that we should let anyone pitch the first inning and then let Adam come in and finish what whoever started. Might not be a bad idea, that kid has the first inning jitters like nobody's business as evidenced by the Beltre bomb. Highlight of the night, Beltre's second at bat, looking far too comfortable, Eaton came up and in on him, moving him out like a squatter in Frisco. He still managed to draw a walk but got no more huge hacks in the at bat. Hey finally some inside pitching. Adam fought through keeping the slim hopes alive. Unfortunately, the Giants and Cubbies won also. We gain none games. None. Damn.

More with the Bums tomorrow...

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