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Thursday, September 09, 2004


Well thanks to some mystery form of computer herpes I have been unable to post lately. I am making one last ditch effort to fix it before I take it outside and pull a Ray Lewis on the darned thing, complete with champagne bottles and all the business. Fortunately for me, I don't think I can be prosecuted for murdering my useless computer.

Back to the harping. I am not going to sit here and explain all the problems that the Pads have had in the last week. The weekend series with Colorado was a joke. Home woes continue. Then we have the Cardinals, maybe the toughest team in baseball with those two through five guys. What we did prove was that we can beat the diet version of the Cards, albeit barely. The low-carb Cardinals if you will. Two out of three with them missing various doses of Edmonds and a gimpy Walker.

What does it say about this team? Still two + out of the wild card, no forward progress showing. Surging teams like Houston and the Marlins flew right by, and now the Padres are hindsight in everyones minds. Now we get Colorado, L.A. and Barry's squad, it will be interesting to see where we wind up after the next ten games or so. Peter Gammons was ranking the top ten clubs in the senior circuit and he made no mention of the Pads. Not top ten. Sadly, I think I agree. With the appearance of Andy Ashby yesterday, I think the men upstairs know it too.

I am really happy that the club has overachieved to this point, I certainly didn't see this kind of season coming from these guys. No matter what happens from here on out the season was a success, now it is up to management to commit to next year. To even compete in the division this season was great, and with the Dodgers riding a career best Beltre, they would have fit easily into our shoes without him. There are questions as to whether or not he will be a Bum next year, this being a contract year for him. That is going to make for a very interesting off season for management to see what direction they want our squad to go. New ball park and all... have to fill the seats.

This is going to be a very exciting month in baseball across both leagues. With the Red Sox/Yankees, the A.L. West race, the A.L. Wild Card, the N.L. Wild Card, September should be exciting. Who knows, maybe we will see some kind of winning streak and finish out strong with a short playoff run. As luke warm as the team is compared to our competition, a playoff appearance would make for some good 2005 building. Come on winning streak... More later if my computer survives the day...

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