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Friday, September 10, 2004

Good Starts...

Computer Update: from bad to worse. The more I pick at this thing the worse it gets. Forget going Ray Lewis on this thing, I am going to go Kobe then O.J. on it. It is just about done...

On to brighter things. The beginning of an eleven game roadie through the division starting in Denver. The kids showed some real heart last night, making mistakes and rallying from behind. How about Khalil having a souvenier shot and two doubles. Is anyone else afraid that this kid might be the real deal at short for us for the future? I wouldn't know how to react to having a "real" shortshop out there picking up grounders for us, and providing some offense. Something that has been missing from our lineup for only about, hmmm, well forever. Don't get me wrong Tempe was a good shortstop, but I see something in Khalil that might eclipse Tempe completely.

On to the meltdown. Well not so much. I think we ran into the biggest problem with Coors field last night, and there really isn't too much you can do about this one. After recording two quick outs, Scott Linebrink got bitten by the enormity of that baseball park. Here's how I see it, and you can disagree with me if you like but you are wrong. The ball park there is too big. Yes, it is, and here is the reason why. We all know that the ball carries there a bit more than at other parks so they pushed the fences out to accomodate the baseball budgets, can't give away that many baseballs. But in doing so they neglected the fact that the outfield is now the size of Disneyland. Routine fly outs become tough plays for outfielders that are forced to play deep. Jam shots that would normally be caught just fall into pergatory out there. It happened to Linebrink last night, couple of little jam shots and two runs later we were given a bad start to the road trip. The solution, move the fences in, a normal distance from home plate. How many home runs just barely make it out there? Answer: None. They all usually go way out, so having the fences that far out really doesn't solve the problem. Move them in people at Beer field, move 'em in. On a positive note, the bats always wake up in Colorado and we are usually able to carry that momentum forward, let's see if that trend holds up.

Unusual moment of the night: Jeff Fassero in the 7th inning taking a new baseball from blue, wiped sweat off his forehead and went directly to the baseball with it. Now I never pitched, couldn't make the ball move at all, just dead straight every time, but a 41 year old wiping sweat on the ball seems a bit iffy to me. Can you wipe sweat on the ball? Anyone? No one brought this up last night when he did it and it puzzled me. What if he had some KY on his forehead or something? Doctoring baseballs? Can someone investigate this for me? Awfully suspicious...

We are going to get this thing turned around today, I will stamp that one for us. Ten more important ones in a row... more tonight after the game if the computer survives the night.

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