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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Getting it done...

Well the job is getting done. Win out. That is and was the message and so far it is being accomplished. Three consecutive against the rattlesnakes. While the Bums and the Giants beat up on each other we sneak in under the radar. Three more significant ones early this week and the playoffs will be set. Whether or not we put ourselves into that race is all on us. To borrow from a horrible franchise with a horrible owner, just win baby. I can't believe that I just did that. I am so disappointed in myself.

Story of the night, Jake Peavy. Cy Young 2005. A couple more innings and the E.R.A. title for 2004 is his. Otherwise known as our best pitcher and number one starter. Three days rest, 6+ innings a generous portion of strikeouts and a whole lot of rattlesnakes doing their impressions of major league hitters. Once again unhittable, this time on short rest. Safe to say that Jake was not quie 100% today and he still dominated. Hey Mr. Towers, read the last post specifically the part about contracts.

Notes of encouragement, keep winning. This group of guys can pull this off. Keep winning. More later...

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