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Friday, September 24, 2004

Complete the Sweep...

Alright I am ready let's grab game three and go to Arizona with slim's chance of a playoff appearance. Who cares if we don't get past the first round, it's still the playoffs. The postseason, yeah! Wait, it's what inning and the score is what?

Did you know that Lil' Wayne from the "Cash, Money Millionaires", they're a rapping group, has a "crib". His profile includes a daughter named Reginae (Reg-gin-nay), gold teeth, pictures of himself on his mirror, and a Baron Davis bobblehead doll. His car collection includes an Austin Powers "Shaguar" and an Escalade, the big one. But you won't find any 24 inch rims here, he is too "grown up" for that. Richie Aurilia just doubled with the bases juiced to make it 7-3. Back to the ball game, we still have a chance. Follow that with a single by Ramon H. and it's a contest.

Did you know that you can rebuild a 1954 Chevy with enough guys working twenty four hours a day in 7 days. That's right, all the way cherry too. Really looks nice with the matching engine block paint and the new chrome everywhere. Oh, baseball? 9-4 Bums.

We were never really in this one tonight, to tough a task for the pitching staff to do the short rest thing. Brian Lawrence on three days rest looked tired, his velocity wasn't there, the sinker was flat, and the control was a bit shall we say, off. Just too much to ask from that staff to go short. Combined with the 216 guys we left on base, it was over before it really began. Congrats to our All-Star Mark Loretta for joining a Padre club that has a pretty exclusive membership of, get this, one. Mark joined T-Gwynn as the only two Pads to ever have two hundred hits in a season. Mark's year: 200 hits, 100+ runs scored, 75 R.B.I. Can somebody get that guy a contract please? There are times when contracts are just necessary and this is one of them. He and Mr. Peavy need to be locked up. That's all I have to say about that, let's see if the management does the right thing.

Arizona here for the weekend. Go out and see our park and the boys play. If you haven't been there yet, this is the best opportunity to go, and these opportunities are fleeting. See you there.

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