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Thursday, September 30, 2004

My Knee Hurts...

Tuesday night's game just sucked so we are not going to talk about it except to say it sucked and like many teams in San Diego, we had a chance to win that game and just kept letting it get further and further away. No playoffs for you. None playoffs.

Now on to Wednesday night's game. There were many interesting pieces to this one and this was a game that will stick out to me the entire offseason for a few reasons. Let's begin.

David Wells was awesome. His control and his ability to change speeds defined the performance last night. You can tell a guy is hitting his spots when he is out there starting a toothpick manufacturing plant from sixty plus feet away. The Giants managed two early runs on splinter shots and those are the kinds of things that you can just do nothing about. Before I could realize it Wells was into the eight inning in a tie game. Great ball chucking Mr. Wells.

Ramon Hernandez was awesome. He was mashing the potato all night long. Single, double, and with the home squad down two, he took an outside change-up out to center for a visit to the other side of the wall. Tie ball game and a long 360 foot run around the park's infield ending where he started. Made me yell at the t.v. and make nice with the neighbors afterward.

Trevor Hoffman. Man is this guy something. One day he is out there and it looks like his arm might detatch itself completely from the rest of his body and land three rows further up in the stands than Dravecky's did as he squeezes middle eighties out of his fastball. Then there are nights like last night when he looks like the '96 to '98 version of Trevor. The Trevor that came in to that song and had the opponents and their fans peeing in their trousers cause they knew that unless God himself intervened with a hurricane or lightning strike the game was done like the Expos in Montreal, or like Grady Little, or like Drew Brees, or like kids at Neverland Ranch, well you get the point. Just in case we thought the ninth was a fluke, he did it better in the tenth. Thanks Mr. Hoffmann.

Now, the tenth was it's own monster. I am hearing all kinds of garbage about the tenth inning of last night's game. Basically after two errors and a walk the Fathers are bases loaded with their All-Star at the mark. Lazy fly foul ball to right, where Dustin Mohr braves the bullpen mounds, catches the potato and falls down, ruining his night and his patella tendon giving the Good Guys the win. All is well in Padreland, and there is a very injured Giant on the play. I have heard people suggesting that Mohr was faking the injury to cover up a bungled play on his part. You see there are people that belive he should have let that ball drop and give our All-Star another opportunity with the roided out sacks. In my humblest of opinions, this is the biggest pile of horse excrement that I have ever heard and anyone who thinks this way should take a monster flying leap into said dung pile. Mr. Mohr had to make a difficult play. He had to negotiate the practice piles of dirt. He had to record an out and make a strong throw to either prevent the runner from scoring or send him to the bench unhappy. He managed to do one of those things. The Padres wound up scoring and the Giants lost the game. Some are suggesting that he should have let the potato drop, and give the All-Star another shot with both the infield and outfield pressing in like little league. Here is the point: Never. Ever. Ever. Ever, give a team another out. Even if it means that you have to make a play that a hall of famer couldn't make, you never give a team another out. That's like saying errors don't really cost you anything in foul territory cause it's still a strike. Errors are extra outs. I am probably infuriating most of you but if I am a professional baseball player, which I am not, I am doing my best to record the out, and then deal with the next situation which is holding the runner or throwing him out. It was not a perfect situation to be in, but if that was Barry Bonds at the plate, would you catch the ball or let it drop and give him another chance? What would you do? Enough about that.

Shame on everyone who thought Dustin Mohr was faking his injury. You all should feel horrible about yourselves. I hope you all trip over your feet today and fall down too.

Last game at Petcoland for the 2004 year tonight. If anyone has extra tickets please let me know, they are harder to come by than Danny Almonte's birth certificate.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Getting it done...

Well the job is getting done. Win out. That is and was the message and so far it is being accomplished. Three consecutive against the rattlesnakes. While the Bums and the Giants beat up on each other we sneak in under the radar. Three more significant ones early this week and the playoffs will be set. Whether or not we put ourselves into that race is all on us. To borrow from a horrible franchise with a horrible owner, just win baby. I can't believe that I just did that. I am so disappointed in myself.

Story of the night, Jake Peavy. Cy Young 2005. A couple more innings and the E.R.A. title for 2004 is his. Otherwise known as our best pitcher and number one starter. Three days rest, 6+ innings a generous portion of strikeouts and a whole lot of rattlesnakes doing their impressions of major league hitters. Once again unhittable, this time on short rest. Safe to say that Jake was not quie 100% today and he still dominated. Hey Mr. Towers, read the last post specifically the part about contracts.

Notes of encouragement, keep winning. This group of guys can pull this off. Keep winning. More later...

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Brian Back For A Moment

Miss me?

CJ's been doing a great job. I've... been out of the office ;o).

Anyway, I felt compelled to post a link of note. You have got to read this. It's old news now, but I found it beyond amusing.

Rob Neyer gone postal, some felt it was kind of disturbing, but I guess I was simply amused.

Back you your regularly scheduled blog reading.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Complete the Sweep...

Alright I am ready let's grab game three and go to Arizona with slim's chance of a playoff appearance. Who cares if we don't get past the first round, it's still the playoffs. The postseason, yeah! Wait, it's what inning and the score is what?

Did you know that Lil' Wayne from the "Cash, Money Millionaires", they're a rapping group, has a "crib". His profile includes a daughter named Reginae (Reg-gin-nay), gold teeth, pictures of himself on his mirror, and a Baron Davis bobblehead doll. His car collection includes an Austin Powers "Shaguar" and an Escalade, the big one. But you won't find any 24 inch rims here, he is too "grown up" for that. Richie Aurilia just doubled with the bases juiced to make it 7-3. Back to the ball game, we still have a chance. Follow that with a single by Ramon H. and it's a contest.

Did you know that you can rebuild a 1954 Chevy with enough guys working twenty four hours a day in 7 days. That's right, all the way cherry too. Really looks nice with the matching engine block paint and the new chrome everywhere. Oh, baseball? 9-4 Bums.

We were never really in this one tonight, to tough a task for the pitching staff to do the short rest thing. Brian Lawrence on three days rest looked tired, his velocity wasn't there, the sinker was flat, and the control was a bit shall we say, off. Just too much to ask from that staff to go short. Combined with the 216 guys we left on base, it was over before it really began. Congrats to our All-Star Mark Loretta for joining a Padre club that has a pretty exclusive membership of, get this, one. Mark joined T-Gwynn as the only two Pads to ever have two hundred hits in a season. Mark's year: 200 hits, 100+ runs scored, 75 R.B.I. Can somebody get that guy a contract please? There are times when contracts are just necessary and this is one of them. He and Mr. Peavy need to be locked up. That's all I have to say about that, let's see if the management does the right thing.

Arizona here for the weekend. Go out and see our park and the boys play. If you haven't been there yet, this is the best opportunity to go, and these opportunities are fleeting. See you there.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Super Sweet, Suite...

What to do when a free ticket to Padreland falls into your lap? Head off to the ballpark and catch a nightfest with the rival Bums, that's what you do. Not too many chances to see the ball team left this year so we got out and played battle lots downtown. Parking sure is fun.

Jake Peavy was the story tonight, well the second story. More on that in a bit. Tonight's line for next year's Cy Younger, Eight complete, no runs, oh and eleven "go sit downs". Eleven. Untouchable tonight and quite fun to watch. I know the Bums fans next to us got tired of hearing me tell those guys repeatedly to find their bench cause you 'aint gettin on base. Awesome. Really, lots of fun.

Scoring started off with some Nevin yard work, a two run job. That was all that was necessary to really put the screws to the Dodgers as they were scoreboard watching. Those Giants are getting closer compliments of the Pads, and their repeated drummings of the Astros. Dodger fans everywhere are doing a not so happy dance tonight after their lead shrinks to a decimal point. Ouch. We aren't going anywhere but if we can make some Dodger Blue misery on the way to the golf course, so be it. I won't complain.

Second story of the night: thanks to the good folks at Qualcomm, a mid game invitation to the "Suite" was welcomed wholeheartedly. Right behind the home team's on deck circle was where the game was watched and happy times were on in Padreland. A new part of the ballpark was enjoyed by me and the friends, and the baseball was quite good from there. It almost isn't fun heckling the Dodger faithful, of which there was plenty, from the nice seats. You could just watch their heads hang and their shoulders drop every time another Bum made the walk back to the bench. Did I mention how fun that was tonight? Did I? Awesome.

Many thanks to Carrie (sp?) and Steve from Qualcomm for the invite, and thanks to the Pads and Jake for showing the Bums the door tonight. Ruining their season one game at a time. Can't wait for tomorrow...


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Keeping the Dream Alive...

Back from Austin and putting the weekend series so far out of mind that I can't even remember who we played. Well, almost. Austin was Africa hot, the music was awesome as were the passes that we had privileges to. It's tough to describe three days of music with Rock Star passes, backstage for eight shows a day, lots of pictures and, oh, baseball, we talk baseball here. Austin was a great time, thanks to those who put it together, back to business now.

Two rare occasions tonight helped the Pads along to a sweet victory over the much despised Bums. The long ball by an unlikely power source in Ramon Vazquez helped the older Weaver practice his exit strategy early while a late gift baseball by the All-Star sealed the deal. Sandwiched in there was the other Ramon's bid for the souvenier shop. Quite unbelievable that with what is the first Santa Ana of the season creating a wind blowing in scenario, the Pads were able to both hit the long shots, score runs, and get a big home win. Some things that have been lacking on the home front all the year long. Nice work.

After a rough start Adam Eaton settled in and found a groove from which to work. Seventy plus pitches in the first three innings does not show well on the score sheet. But he avoided the big innings got through a few more and the bullpen did the rest. No baserunners between innings three and seven plus. Up until that Beltre guy popped his second of the night in the eighth, the Bums were relatively silent at the dish. Someone once told me that we should let anyone pitch the first inning and then let Adam come in and finish what whoever started. Might not be a bad idea, that kid has the first inning jitters like nobody's business as evidenced by the Beltre bomb. Highlight of the night, Beltre's second at bat, looking far too comfortable, Eaton came up and in on him, moving him out like a squatter in Frisco. He still managed to draw a walk but got no more huge hacks in the at bat. Hey finally some inside pitching. Adam fought through keeping the slim hopes alive. Unfortunately, the Giants and Cubbies won also. We gain none games. None. Damn.

More with the Bums tomorrow...

Computer Status: Diseased as ever, reinstalling everything, then destroying everything and starting over Britney style.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Super Posting...

It is hot as all get out in Austin, TX. Big win last night, although I only got a ticker dose of the results. Oh well, looks like Eaton pitched well, Giles went and did some yard work, and Trevor did his job for the 38th time. Good work all around.

Off to go see "The Killers", wait no I'm not they aren't any good. Off to really go see "Rebirth Brass" and "Franz Ferdinand" and some others. Enjoy San Diego weather and baseball...


Thursday, September 16, 2004


Off to Austin, TX for Austin City Limits:

  • ACL Festival

  • Three days of concerts...yes!
    Oh no...

    Khalil Greene is out for the year with a broken finger.

    Khalil Greene is out for the year with a broken finger.

    Baseball in San Diego sure is fun...

    Wednesday, September 15, 2004

    That's Pretty Good...

    Big win tonight. I can't emphasise that enough, this was must win, as is basically tomorrow and then the entire weekend with the Giants. If we can sweep this road trip out we might have a seedy liquor store lottery ticket's chance for the playoffs. Optimism, optimism.

    Two major league awful factors tonight that the team was able to overcome and rally back from. First, well the first inning for Brian Lawrence. Just awful. No other words can describe starting a road game against the first place team in a must win game with a thirty-six pitch three run inning. Nice hole to work out of right off the bat.
    Second, those God forsaken horrible road uniforms. It has to be hard to wear that garbage and play the game. Those things are just horrible. No other words come to mind to describe them except maybe "those vomit colored uniforms". Oh well.

    Not a pretty game overall, came back from the dead, added to the lead and played a bit of cardiac arrest baseball in the bottom half of the ninth to make it semi-interesting. This group can be harder to watch than the 2a.m. last call heavyweight hook-up at the local watering hole.

    Last pre Texas post. Will be making posts from there. Go Padres and Go Chargers. Happy Weekend to all in San Diego. ...
    Food for Thought...

    Hey, how about somebody out there in Milwaukee Beer Country tossing Barry a gopher ball or two in tonight's battle so he doesn't come to San Diego sitting on #699? The Padres don't need to be a part of anymore historic records, 4192 for the Gambler, 4000K's for the Unit... Barry Balco certainly has damaged the Pads enough over the years. No Mas!

    Well, the computer is on it's last legs as we know it. We are looking at a serious problem that may require emergency surgery. I hesitate to go through with this procedure, I am more the euthanize and restart school, but I take advice when given so we are giving this thing the open heart Clinton as we attempt yet once more to defeat the computer s.t.d. So much fun.

    Last night was fun. So much fun to watch the dancing and convulsions of one Jose Lima against our ballclub. It makes me want to go ballclub him over the head. This guy wasn't even in the show last year and now he is dancing and gallivanting like a superstar. Hey Jose, you've managed some run support and gotten some fortunate breaks, thank your lucky stars my friend that someone hasn't put a fastball into your salsa band. Enough of that.

    In order to beat the Bums and get to the postseason party you must get a good starting performance from all of your pitchers. If you are convinced that we truly are in a pennant race as all the announcers continue to stress, you cannot start unproven rookies. Justin Germano gave a great effort last night, but there was a critical point in the game when the Pads had just taken the lead on a Klesko home run. Thanks by the way for the extra credit pitch to Mr. M.V.P. Adrian Beltre, I am sure Ryan will be sending you to Donovan's next time you are in San Diego. We had just taken the lead and it was critical to get a stop in the bottom half of the inning. Didn't happen, the Bums put up three that inning and that was all for Mr. Germano for the night. Goodbye lead, Goodbye Justin, Goodbye playoffs. Goodbye.

    So your hanging out with your buddies at the local watering hole and you see this really firehouse hot girl at the other end of the bar. She stares at your buddy like she hasn't seen water in about a month. You let your buddy in on the stares and he takes the "don't look now, but look quietly, don't get caught" look at her and his face just melts into fear. He doesn't know quite what to do with the hand he is dealt, so he kind of folds up and does absoulutely nothing. I have seen that face on the young pitchers lately. I saw it as the lead was dissolving on Monday night, I saw it last night, and I am sure to see it again. These young guys are overmatched, not ready for what they need to do to make the postseason. Hopefully they can draw from this for next year.

    Posts will be light this weekend due to a trip into Texas for the weekend. I will try to update from there, but I will probably be watching games on the Sprint Internet. Not much detail there but I will try to do my best. More later after tonight's game... then the trip begins.


    Monday, September 13, 2004

    Weekend Roundup...

    Well the computer herpes has been identified. Time and time again now it has been repaired. Unfortunately there is some kind of gaping hole somewhere the size of Texas in my system that makes the computer herpes come back over and over and over.... gotta patch the gash. The computer gets to live for one more session of treatment.

    On to baseball. Whatever it is that Colorado has the Padres don't want any of it. Every time we have the opportunity to play a cream puff and pick up some games and pad the stats, we play like garbage in Colorado. As far as I am concerned the Rockies, and the Broncos for that matter can just go take a flying leap in a shallow pond in their far too unpolluted mountains. Back to the smog of L.A...

    I started this with a five run Padre lead about oh, ten minutes ago. The lead that was built on two souveniers by Phil that brought four Padres to their homes, call them R.B.I's. Two pitchers, a handful of hits and a couple of strikeouts later, that four finger and a thumb lead was down to a peace sign. Two more innings to play with a two run um.., cushion? Lead? Uh, hang on guys, hang on...

    Two out rallies are always fun, so we are going to turn this into live blogging the last couple of innings just for fun. The Padres eighth started one out, two out. Loretta gets hit number two on the night, followed by Giles number three on the night, a double. After a Phil Nevin intentional "we aren't pitching to that guy again tonight" walk, Bochy's got the coin out and he is pinch hitting for Kerry Robinson. Terrance Long will hit for Mr. Robinson and now we watch commercials after a routine fly ball to left... Curse words go here.

    Aki out for his second inning of work tonight due to an ailing Scott Linebrink, back spasms or something of that sort. Aki gets a quick fly ball to Giles out in right, one down. He'll get out of this inning and then turn it over to the always exciting Trevor. Let's hope the shoulder is warming up well tonight because Aki just struck out a Bum for out number two. Let's get some insurance guys, for Aki just got the third out and this one is headed for Trevor time, how 'bout a little cushion?

    Insurance doesn't come in the form of outs, one down in the Padre ninth. Quicker than I can type, out number two is kicked by shortstop Cesar or is it Jose Izturis? A routiner that Jose decided chuck into the dirt, free base for Ramon. Robert Fick pinch hits for Aki, and is quickly looking at a walk, when strike one catches the corner. A three and one fastball is popped up in the infield, Beltre puts it away. Out number three is lined to the number nine position player on the field if you are scoring at home. Right about now you would be hearing "Hell's Bell's" at home, but since they are in L.A. you are probably hearing gunshots and screaming. Trevor is on his way... I'd be lying if I said that I knew we had this one was wrapped up. I hate that feeling...

    First fastball looked o.k. Second fastball is fouled off. First change-up was a good one and sent Jason Werth to the bench with a K in his pocket.

    Two missed fastballs to Steve Finley. Third one is a get over fastball and it does, albeit at a scorching 82 m.p.h. Foul ball and it's even at two, two.
    Finley just gave away a baseball, just foul. I mean just foul. This is tough to watch.
    Another foul ball to right field and Brian Giles dropped it. Oh no...
    A couple of foul balls at the plate, Trevor goes with the change again, ball three.
    Apparently, Steve Finley can't hit an 85 m.p.h. fastball and he K's again, nice line tonight Finley O-5, 3K's.
    Now it's the M.V.P candidate. Beltre just swung out of his shoes at a good change up. Count goes even with a changeup in the dirt. Fastball misses in just a bit, two and one.
    Big, Big swing, result is just a foul ball, two and two to Beltre.
    The magic number three misses down, count goes full.
    Big fastball on the outside corner, Beltre goes and sits down. Trevor K's the side. Ball game. Nice work guys, happy Padres fans everywhere. How about a repeat tomorrow night. More then...


    Friday, September 10, 2004

    Good Starts...

    Computer Update: from bad to worse. The more I pick at this thing the worse it gets. Forget going Ray Lewis on this thing, I am going to go Kobe then O.J. on it. It is just about done...

    On to brighter things. The beginning of an eleven game roadie through the division starting in Denver. The kids showed some real heart last night, making mistakes and rallying from behind. How about Khalil having a souvenier shot and two doubles. Is anyone else afraid that this kid might be the real deal at short for us for the future? I wouldn't know how to react to having a "real" shortshop out there picking up grounders for us, and providing some offense. Something that has been missing from our lineup for only about, hmmm, well forever. Don't get me wrong Tempe was a good shortstop, but I see something in Khalil that might eclipse Tempe completely.

    On to the meltdown. Well not so much. I think we ran into the biggest problem with Coors field last night, and there really isn't too much you can do about this one. After recording two quick outs, Scott Linebrink got bitten by the enormity of that baseball park. Here's how I see it, and you can disagree with me if you like but you are wrong. The ball park there is too big. Yes, it is, and here is the reason why. We all know that the ball carries there a bit more than at other parks so they pushed the fences out to accomodate the baseball budgets, can't give away that many baseballs. But in doing so they neglected the fact that the outfield is now the size of Disneyland. Routine fly outs become tough plays for outfielders that are forced to play deep. Jam shots that would normally be caught just fall into pergatory out there. It happened to Linebrink last night, couple of little jam shots and two runs later we were given a bad start to the road trip. The solution, move the fences in, a normal distance from home plate. How many home runs just barely make it out there? Answer: None. They all usually go way out, so having the fences that far out really doesn't solve the problem. Move them in people at Beer field, move 'em in. On a positive note, the bats always wake up in Colorado and we are usually able to carry that momentum forward, let's see if that trend holds up.

    Unusual moment of the night: Jeff Fassero in the 7th inning taking a new baseball from blue, wiped sweat off his forehead and went directly to the baseball with it. Now I never pitched, couldn't make the ball move at all, just dead straight every time, but a 41 year old wiping sweat on the ball seems a bit iffy to me. Can you wipe sweat on the ball? Anyone? No one brought this up last night when he did it and it puzzled me. What if he had some KY on his forehead or something? Doctoring baseballs? Can someone investigate this for me? Awfully suspicious...

    We are going to get this thing turned around today, I will stamp that one for us. Ten more important ones in a row... more tonight after the game if the computer survives the night.

    Thursday, September 09, 2004


    Well, after three hours yesterday and three hours today, the computer herpes has turned into the gonnaherpa-syphyllaids PC style. The more fixes I do the worse it gets. It's like ridiculous spy/ad ware with the bite of a two dollar whiskey. Back to computer antibiotics... try again tomorrow.

    Well thanks to some mystery form of computer herpes I have been unable to post lately. I am making one last ditch effort to fix it before I take it outside and pull a Ray Lewis on the darned thing, complete with champagne bottles and all the business. Fortunately for me, I don't think I can be prosecuted for murdering my useless computer.

    Back to the harping. I am not going to sit here and explain all the problems that the Pads have had in the last week. The weekend series with Colorado was a joke. Home woes continue. Then we have the Cardinals, maybe the toughest team in baseball with those two through five guys. What we did prove was that we can beat the diet version of the Cards, albeit barely. The low-carb Cardinals if you will. Two out of three with them missing various doses of Edmonds and a gimpy Walker.

    What does it say about this team? Still two + out of the wild card, no forward progress showing. Surging teams like Houston and the Marlins flew right by, and now the Padres are hindsight in everyones minds. Now we get Colorado, L.A. and Barry's squad, it will be interesting to see where we wind up after the next ten games or so. Peter Gammons was ranking the top ten clubs in the senior circuit and he made no mention of the Pads. Not top ten. Sadly, I think I agree. With the appearance of Andy Ashby yesterday, I think the men upstairs know it too.

    I am really happy that the club has overachieved to this point, I certainly didn't see this kind of season coming from these guys. No matter what happens from here on out the season was a success, now it is up to management to commit to next year. To even compete in the division this season was great, and with the Dodgers riding a career best Beltre, they would have fit easily into our shoes without him. There are questions as to whether or not he will be a Bum next year, this being a contract year for him. That is going to make for a very interesting off season for management to see what direction they want our squad to go. New ball park and all... have to fill the seats.

    This is going to be a very exciting month in baseball across both leagues. With the Red Sox/Yankees, the A.L. West race, the A.L. Wild Card, the N.L. Wild Card, September should be exciting. Who knows, maybe we will see some kind of winning streak and finish out strong with a short playoff run. As luke warm as the team is compared to our competition, a playoff appearance would make for some good 2005 building. Come on winning streak... More later if my computer survives the day...
    Computer Problems...Try again later.

    Friday, September 03, 2004

    The Shampoo Effect...

    What is the Shampoo Effect you ask? Simply stated, wash, rinse, repeat. It's right there on the bottle, just read it sometime. It's going out on a Friday night, having a few libations, descending into an alternate reality culminating with a late night visit to the porcelain for a shouting match, then upon waking from the cold tile, a bit of hair of the dog to right the ship. Suddenly the alternate reality is back. Last night's game fell hind end over tea kettle into The Shampoo Effect...

    Wash, rinse, repeat. First inning, home run, walk, home run. Seriously. I didn't imagine this. Please tell me I am imagining this. How can you possibly have two consecutive first innings like this? Three nothing.

    Wash, rinse, repeat. Clutch hitting, men in scoring position, still three nothing. Wow. At this rate I won't need to post anymore. I can simply cut and paste the posts from the previous days. Better yet, I can just reference the prior posts, see: Yesterday. It will be an auto pilot blog.

    Let me propose a solution. Now, I have played plenty of baseball in my day. I 'd like to think that as far as athletic ability goes, I was slightly better than proficient at the game. I'd also like to think that I have a better than general understanding of the game. So, that being said, who is taking charge of this pitching staff? Oh, you need a bit of perspective, O.K. try this on: When the opposing team has four generally accepted all-stars who are crushing your pitching night after night and depositing baseballs into the outfield bleachers like a meteor shower, it is plain to see that they are way too comfortable at the dish. It is beyond me to even put into words how comfortable the Cards were at the plate. When hitters are that comfortable at the plate you have exactly two options. 1) Let them continue to provide employment to Haitian baseball manufacturers or 2) Throw the baseball at their heads. Yes. You can read it again if you want to but it still says the same thing. Throw it at their heads. Now the idea here isn't to hit and or injure a superstar baseball player, that's not what I am saying. But, anyone who has ever played the game will tell you that when a baseball is flying at your head and you hear that distinctive whistling hiss as the pill nearly detatches your cranium from your shoulders causing you to make nice with the dirt, you get a bit, well, slightly uncomfortable. Uncomfortable hitters don't consistantly hit home runs. We got swept because no one thought of this, or they were frightened like schoolgirls and didn't want to ruffle any feathers. In either case, we got swept. Swept. Next...

    September sweeps are good. September sweeps are better when you are in a playoff chase. September sweeps guarantee that Freddy Guzman and Ramon "I've been here for years and still do nothing" Vazquez get loads of playing time. If management decided to cash in this season in the midst of a playoff chase, they could at least give us a reason why. An explanation if you will, that's all I ask.

    Back home to retire T's number. Weekend roundup later...


    Wednesday, September 01, 2004

    Republican National Convention...

    Once again I watched the RNC tonight during that portion of the game in which the Cardinals proved that the Padres are not a playoff team. At least not one that can contend with a team like the one they were facing tonight. The score doesn't reflect these thoughts, but I can't see this team competing on the same level as the top tier teams in the leaque. Besides, it gave me the opportunity to switch to the Convention early, right about the time a "flip-flop" chant was echoing through the Garden. Elder Republicans in full lambaste of John Kerry, complete with boos. Awesome...

    To sum up the game that just pained me so, the Cards started their scoring with a home run, walk, followed up by another long ball. Three nothin'... three!?!. That was pretty much it, or at least the most important part of it. Another long ball late by the Pujols, and it was good night Friars, and playoffs.

    Last fest with the Cards tomorrow. A win at this point is really just for morale, proof that we can finally win a game in St. Louis dammit. We can I tell you, we can. Dammit...

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