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Monday, August 23, 2004

The Weekend...

This was a weekend of forgetables. Dropping two out of three to the Marlins. Two losing series now with this one and the oh so forgettable Braves. Losing two out of three at this point of the season is unacceptable. To do it twice in the span of a week makes for uphill climbs in August and September. Uphill climbs at this point in the season equals not good.

Saturday was an adventure. I was the recipient of four seats down at the Petco playland and was happier than teenager on prom night to find that they were within earshot of the visitor's bullpen. I might be the single worst person to put near an opponent's bench this side of Boston, but if the opportunity presents itself you run like Ricky and his smoking buddies off to Asia. What a blessing it turned out to be for the Marlins, riding the power surge of Juan Pierre who mashed his sky high total of home runs to three in 500 at bats. Nice. Can't hit home runs at Petco, yeah right. Needless to say the heckling of the bullpenners from the swamplands was light, only some fleeting comments under my breath about sore elbows and fish not having any arms. Family environment down there at the old Petco and all. The heartache became official when Julio Franco inspired Jeff Conine to lose a baseball that was worth three tallies in the run column and a big old fat "L" for us. Once again it was Adam out there with his schizophrenic, which pitcher is going to show up routine. Not good, but the beer was, and it was cold, and only the first game that the faithful had dropped with me in attendance.

Highlight of the night, while making our way around the park to the assigned seats, stopping in one of the left field areas for baseball watching, Khalil played Santa Claus early depositing a gift into the left field seats. At the time I had paused to catch his at bat and the present was sent just to the left of me. Thanks for the attempt kid, I wanted a homer ball, you just missed me by about a half a section.

Tonight was another grumbler of a game. Jumping out on the Mets early with Jake on the mound, this was one that should have been packed up early. Then it started to happen, Padres buying stock in bases. Suddenly the left on base total reached eight, the dagger just never dropped. Jake was out pitching a gem, one hit through five. But five is really only half a game and in the sixth, a double a walk and a souvenier made it a 5 -3 lead and operators in New York got busy connecting frantic phone calls to the bullpen. Enter the shut down crew and the fire was smothered quickly. The Emergency Catcher then put the dirty diaper in the dumpster for good with a half a six pack pop. Good start to a road trip, it just took a while to materialize. Can't wait for tomorrow...

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