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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Surviving the Long Ball...

At least they were solo shots. Rationalize the long ball any way you like, but to allow five taters in one game and still get a win, thank you baseball Gods. I know that the wind was blowing out at Wrigley and in those conditions Klesko should even be able to muscle one out. But the main problem hasn't changed and it's August. Adam Eaton can't locate his fastball. Guys like Sosa, Alou and Garciaparra will take you out of any park, wind aided or not if you heave your fastball right across the dish. You don't get too many opportunities to win a game when your pitching gives up five home runs, thank you Padre offense, Eaton should be taking those guys out to dinner.

We took up residence in Wrigley's infield last night, twelve hits and Padres on base all night long. Adam helped his cause with a two out single that scored two, he was behind in the count at the time to the hard throwing Prior. The offense looks alright, they are still leaving a lot of guys on base that they need to start picking up if they want to get into the playoffs, but Ramon Hernandez and Terrance Long did the job and with Eaton's contribution, eight runs should be good enough to win almost every night.

Most padre fans shouldn't recognize what is going on. We actually have a bullpen. No really it's true. Blaine Neal came in and shut the door last night for Adam in what was a very crucial situation in the sixth. Nice work by Bochy to get the backup for Adam early, I half expected him to give him another batter, but was ecstatic to seem him at full turtle speed to the mound after Adam fell off a bit. Then the three headed monster finished the job, with a little excitement in the ninth, just to get us flexing muscles that don't normally get used. I am still not used to the 84 M.P.H fastball Trevor keeps showing us and it makes me really uneasy at times, but he is still locating it on the corners. I don't really care how hard you throw it, but keep it on the corners and you can have some success. Ask Greg Maddux, or Tom Glavine, well don't ask Glavine until next week, I understand he lost some teeth yesterday.

Tonight should be fun, Jake against former frustrating Padre, Matt Clement. I know I am guilty of this, but doesn't it make your skin crawl knowing that Derek Lee, Matt Clement, Jason Bey, and shoot even Mark Kotsay are all achieving success now that they are out of Padreland? Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed to see any of those guys go, but man, it sure does bother me that everyone gets better when they leave San Diego. Oh yeah, there was that Rivera guy? Whatever happened to him? Hey, where's my baseball glove?

More tonight after the game...

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