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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Let's Go Bowling...

I made it eight innings before the terror of what was happening on the field tonight hit me hard enough to actually abandon the game. Searching for an end to the horror landed me smack in the middle of the introduction of our first lady in Republican Gathering Land. Any port in a storm and so it went...

The idea of actually getting trounced by the four elements of the opponent that you knew were the major obstactles to winning, well, to really use up my vocabulary, sucks. This was no mystery, no outstanding performance by the unsung hero. There was no reserve second baseman with no major league experience out there bunting the cover off of the ball to lead the Cards to victory. No, this was the out there in your face kind of whip you silly with what we've got, go ahead and try to stop us kind of loss. It just pains me more because you knew what was on the table and what the stakes were, and we threw ourselves under the bus.

B. never really got it going against their offense and the brutality began. Jim Edmonds was just sitting at the plate and hacking for all his worth. The middle of the lineup that has concerned every team that has played the Cards this year, just dominated. I guess I was stupid enough to fool myself into thinking we might have a game plan to stop them. If we did, it wasn't apparent to anyone, especially the Cardinals big four.

So I don't come off as the ultimate naysayer, this was another road game. We haven' t won on the road in St. Louis in two years or some rainfall drought like that.
We are playing against arguably the best team in baseball, or at the very least the senior circuit.

That's all I have for positives, I tried my best. Really I did. Starting pitching failed us tonight, I know B. went completely on his own his last two tries, but it was on the line tonight and we got nothing. Somebody who belongs to the bullpen not named Linebrink or Otsuka needs to record some outs. Clutch hitting once again was out the window, two leadoff doubles by Khalil and Loretta with the score two nil, and we can come up with only one run. Sad.

We were never really in this game, totally overpowered and outmatched. This is not the kind of push we need in September to win this wild card or catch the Bums. Thankfully the Cubbies dumped to Les Expos. But the Bums won, as did the Bay Area guys and the Astros did too. We can drop no more, tough order. But if we lose ground now you might as well get the bowling shoes out so we can watch the playoffs somewhere.

Same time tomorrow.

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