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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Handoff...

Well it looks as though the handoff is complete, although it is still in it's infant stages. Thanks to Brian for making it as painless as possible and allowing me to contribute to his site while he is occupied with other things. I promise not to try not to mangle the site beyond recognition while he is away. I did say try...

On to other things, I am just your average Padre fan that has been following the team for as long as I can remember. I have been there in the few good years that this team has shown us, as well as the bad ones we would all love to forget. After some time I have managed to block some of the trauma from my memory, and yet some of it still lingers, i. e. Langston, Yankee Stadium circa 1998, oh man, it still stings. I am doing my best to cope with that to this day. But this team is showing a lot more in 2004 than I expected, had you told me they would be in the midst of a playoff push in the middle of August, I would have had some choice words for you. But here we are and it seems legit. Let's all rewind to '98 and relive what the playoffs are like.

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