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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Complete the Sweep...

At the beginning of this series a conversation ensued about this series. I thought to myself, 'We should maul the Mets like a monster pit bull would a lil' frenchy poodle.'. It's almost time for that little ball of curlies' last rights and burial.

Tuesday was Wellsy's night. Two singles in the first inning and then almost eight of absolute futility for the Mets. Not a one hit until there were two down in the ninth and most of the team was showered, on the buses headed for steak and martinis downtown. A double and a single later and Bochy started the turtle trot to the mound to get a substitute arm for Wellsy. Now with the way those substitutes have been putting on a save blowing clinic after David leaves the pile has been astounding all year long. It's like a teenager sale in Thailand the way they sell him out. When Trevor came a running out I couldn't help think that if he lets this one get away, somebody better get David some gloves and keep him away from any glass or sharp objects or he will be on the D.L. faster than a roided out olympic sprinter. Thank the Gods that Trevor was Trevor and Wellsy didn't chew off the tops of his fingers watching to the conclusion. Good win for us.

Wednesday I was relegated to the radio, which makes the games all the more exciting because you are never really quite sure what the heck is going on. Sometimes I wonder if there is even a game being played between all the anecdotes and advertisements. Even if you can decipher the code that is the play by play, the score is usually more elusive than the military service records of politicians. I did catch Phil Nevin playing beat the ball as far as you can with Al Leiter's version of a fastball. Really, no one should pay any attention at all to the numbers that come after the Emergency Catcher's name of late. Just leave him alone, please. Loretta had another All-Star night and has the number up near .345. Brian Lawrence told himself that the bullpenners have seen enough of the field lately because he just wouldn't let them come out to play tonight. Complete games in his last two starts, and somebody tell the Mets that they hung a doughnut up on the board tonight. Nice work B.

Big game tomorrow. It's an a.m. start in N.Y. and this will complete the sweep. Combine tonight's win with the Dodgers dropped cookie to the Maryland Expos and we are headed back to the division tops. But really, the Dodgers can just keep winning. I want the wild card anyway and I know that the Padres do too. Who wants to have the comforts of the home field anyway? Surely not me, put us on a broken down bus and send us on the road like a poor college rock band. It's all the incentive we need.

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