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Monday, August 16, 2004

Coming Home...

Well, a successful roadtrip is finished and there should be some awards handed out to individual Padres for their play over the weekend. First, to Phil Nevin, who squatted for four innings on that sore knee after not catching since 1999. With Miguel Ojeda taking a shot off the arm and Ramon Hernandez in San Diego for the birth of his son, Phil stepped in and played the emergency catcher role and caught four shutout innings. Nice work Phil.

Second award to Adam Eaton, six innings, two runs, one walk. After finding himself in some jams early he was able to strike out Adam Dunn and Wily Mo Pena consecutively to work his way out of what might have been some pretty damaging situations. Oh, he did this twice. Speaking of twice, nice two double performance at the plate, complete with head first Charlie Hustle like dive into home plate to score early in the game, giving him a lead that neither he nor the bullpen would relinquish.

Third goes to the Bullpen. Again, these guys are going out there and getting the job done regularly. It is starting to look easy for those guys...

Lastly, Mark Loretta and Khalil Greene. Khalil had a monster Friday with a couple of home runs and more of that defense that he keeps showing us. Not to mention it seems like every time Loretta comes to the plate he is absolutely smoking a ball down the line for a double. Pretty strong in the field these two are, making the Pads middle infield rival the best in baseball. They are pretty fun to watch.

Home now for the Braves and the Marlins. Pretty big series' for us if we want to stay within that uncomfortable 6.5 of the Dodgers, and the more realistic 1 of the Cubbies. Hampton against Hitchcock tonight. More later...

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