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Thursday, August 12, 2004

2 out of 3?

Well, I just want to thank the folks over at ESPN.com for having the wrong pitching match-ups posted on their baseball site yesterday. First post here, first mistake. Thanks guys.

Last night was trouble from the start. Hitch against Zambrano is a total mismatch, that is a number five starter at best in Hitch, going against what could possibly be argued the Cubs number one. Zambrano is having a fine year and has just amazing stuff sometimes. Not to mention that he throws it pretty hard with loads of movement. Not the best matchup for the Padres. But Hitch hung tough, I caught the first couple of innings on t.v., then was forced to the radio for the middle innings. Hitch had his good junk working early, got a couple of strikeouts and started relatively strong. Down three runs through five innings, I wasn't that concerned, and was pretty proud of Hitch for hanging so tough.

The offense struggled against Zambrano at times. We got some guys on early and just couldn't make the push to score. It always comes down to timely hitting and that is something we just aren't getting. We left six on base again, combined with our six hits and only manufactured one silly little run on a past ball. After Loretta's double, Sutcliffe and Grant were pleading with the microphones and anyone else who would listen that we needed a long ball to get us back in the thing. Didn't happen. One run on six hits, not good, not good. Compared to the Cubbies who got five runs on eight hits. Something tells me that our average with runners in scoring postition is not so hot.

Highlight or lowlight of the night depending on how you see it, was Sutcliffe's version of Harry's favorite old tune during stretch time. I caught the replay of this on the radio this morning and it was worse the second time around. Sutt told the crowd they had better sing loud cause he was bad, and for whatever reason, be it spite or a case of long beer lines, not a note was heard in Wrigley. Sutt was on his own and wishing for a happy place as he waved the microphone around in vain. Good stuff and incredibly painful to sit through at the same time. I haven't laughed so hard at someone else's misery in a long time. Sorry Sutt, but that was darned funny.

No channel 4 today, but the WGN feed should carry the day game. 11:20 ish start. Jake against Clement today, this I am sure of. No, really I am. Big game today, we need to win these series' not lose them as the Dodgers just continue to beat up on the quickly fading Reds. Quickly fading Reds? Did I really just say that, the Reds have been done for quite a while now. Not to mention that with Florida and Atlanta next, things aren't getting any easier. Come on Jake, and hey, can we get some runs today? Please?

I can't update the running totals that Brian was keeping so I am going to start my own running total. Padres home runs of late equal zero. Zero. Better start getting more doubles guys, run fast.

More later when the game starts.

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