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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Midway Point of Season

As usual I'm really busy, and I've got a lot saved up to post so when I eventually do those things this will be terrific to stop by and read. In the meantime, check out Mike at Citizens' blog for a post a few days back talking about teams he fears most in the playoffs.

Your San Diego Padres are mentioned. Mike's pretty spot on. One thing I'll comment more on when I get there is just how exceptional the Padres' pitching has been this year (a little too good, perhaps) and they are 4th in the N.L. in Zone Rating, a creative little statistic that measures a player or team's ability realized range, or their ability to get to a ball. Something like that.

ByTheWay, I was at the recent Padres/Astros game the Padres won (The Padres are now 3-2 in games I've attended, including improbable late, teeth-clenching wins against Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens). For those who haven't made it to Petco, you really have to see Khalil Greene play to understand the phenomena.

He is by far the most popular player in team introductions and he's been in what, 90 total games in a Padre uniform. Unreal. Anyway, the things he does on the field are better seen up close than on TV, the tube just doesn't do them justice. He's made at least three great player in each of the five games I've been to this year. It's nice knowing the Padres have a real shortstop for once, since at least when I became a fan when I moved here in 1996.

Anyone want to name off the laundry list of nobodies to play short here? You really cannot appreciate a good shortstop until you've gone through so many terrible ones. Khalil I love you, man. Haha.

I think the most funny thing is the whole "Spicoli" phenomena with Khalil. I know somebody reached this blog a few weeks ago with the google search "Khalil + Greene + Is + A + Woman", because of the long blond locks, but in reality he's more like Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgement High.

Well, I knew things have gone bigtime because a fan with a custom Padres home jersey made the jumbotron Monday night with a Greene uni and "Spicoli" embroidered on the back.


Anyway, I've run way too long and I've got a lot more to talk about, I hope to read some of your blogs very soon to my friends who continue to stop by and also run baseball blogs, and in the meantime, Go (first place!) Padres!

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