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Sunday, June 06, 2004

A Sunday Request

How's this blog doing? Have any suggestions, ideas, comments? Let me know what you think by emailing or commenting below.

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I'll probably be out tomorrow most of the day (if I'm smart) doing things and stuff. The Pads play at 2, Lakers I don't know when, so it should be a very cool sports day.

Geoff off at Ducksnorts is gone until Monday doing his very cool tour of the California League, I forget what stop he's making now. Should be an interesting read so stop by Monday and see what he's had to say.

* * * * *
Just found an interesting Morgan Ensberg fan page. It's on Angefire, but it's surprisingly well done. No way to email the owner though, unless I'm blind and just overlooked it.

Free Morgan Ensberg!

* * * * *

Last item is a funny bit from Josh's Baseball Blog.

He found this in an internet story about one of the recent Padre/Rockie games:

-"He even had a little fun with the crowd. In the sixth inning, a balloon floated over the field and landed near the pitching mound. Cook stomped it with his spikes, eliciting loud boos from the crowd. It was symbolic of the way Cook burst the Padres' bubble. "

His response:

-Just to let you know that was a blown up condom, not a balloon

Funny stuff.

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