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Friday, June 25, 2004

So Here Goes

Padres win a tight one tonight, 3-2. Death Rocker and Angel castoff Scott Spiezio kept the M's out of a shutout with a 2-run dinger. And the Pads needed some timely fielding by Greene and some others in ninth-inning action to close things out. Nothing like a heart attack in relaxing Seattle for Hoffman and the boys, if you ask me.

The win combined with the Halos' trouncing of L.A. pushes the Padres a half game ahead of the Blue Crew in the N.L. West and three back of the scorching hot Giants (or "The Hated Ones" if you listen to enough SoCal sports radio emanating from L.A.). The Pads are also 2.5 games back of Chicago and Cincinnati for the Wild Card.

A little off topic, but Jason Schmidt is the next Sandy Koufax. By that I mean he's going to have his arm fall off very soon. The guy defies everything I know right now and that makes me worried. What kind of man hurries back from elbow and shoulder injuries, and gets upwards of 140 pitches several times a season? Insane.

Anyone else noticing the Padres are swinging at a lot of first pitches lately? Is that advanced scouting or stupidity? Too many fast innings. C'mon guys, work those pitchers.

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The Padres have promoted elite prospect Tim Stauffer to AAA. He's dominated in A and AA, so this is no surprise and keeps him on a smooth path to maybe start next year. That could be an interesting situation with the pitchers. Do the Pads sign Wells for another year? Or work with the young core of Peavy/Eaton/Lawrence/Tankersley/Stouffer and one other guy by free agency or trade?

That would mean the banishment of Wells, Valdez, Ashby and Hitchcock, among others. Pretty neat to have such a young staff. If you can't tell, Tankersley's stock is soaring in my book. I hope he continues to impress.

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Check your local news stands for an article in ESPN The Magazine about Khalil Greene. I haven't read it yet, but I'll do so soon.

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This series is a great time for the Padres to get a second chance at the disaster of the last month. They get to entertain the crappy (no offense, Frinklin) Mariners while the division rivals face up against powers Oakland and Anaheim. I think I said Seattle would be terrible sooner rather than later in my preseason picks. At least I got that one right.

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A giant pooh on you goes out to the Anaheim Angels who did USC a disservice and signed Doug Reinhardt, a local hotshot HS player. I know the Angels need to do what's in their best interest, but c'mon, let the local college signees have a chance to choose their teams instead of drafting them. Of course kids are going to want to sign with the local pro team. But they can do that after playing three years for the local college team, right? Yeah I'm complaining. Sorry.

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Frinklin, the avid M's fan and San Diego resident brings us some interesting stuff on the Padres.

He picked up on something I kind of alluded to, about crappy ("sieve") pitchers and the Padres not taking advantage of them. They're like that snake from Road Trip that won't eat the mouse right in front of him.

Posted by Frinklin at 10:01 PM
June 22, 2004
Padres win.. barely... again
Over the past 2 nights against Arizona, the Well-Liked Padres have faced the following pitchers: Casey Fossum, Scott Service, Brandon Villafuerte (2X), Steve Sparks, Randy Choate, and Mike Koplove. Of these six gentlemen, only one, Villafuerte, has an ERA under 4.63. The Padres scored a grand total of 5 runs. Tomorrow they take on the Unit.

The Padres seem to be turning into last year’s Dodgers. Right now only two SD hitters have OPS over .800, Brian Giles at .822 and Mark Loretta at .831. Before the season it would have inconceivable to think that between them Giles, Phil Nevin, Ryan Klesko and Jay Payton (the Pads 3-6 hitters) would have 24 homeruns combined, but that is the case. The Padres are obviously still freaked out by PETCO Park’s dimensions. At home, only Giles has an OPS over .800, and he’s at .806, barely making the mark. Nevin (.242/ .343 /.387) and Payton (.234/ .305 / .308) have been especially atrocious at home. And another thing, when everyone talks about Sean Burroughs, it’s always mentioned that his power will develop. Well, Sean will be 24 before the season is out, and he’s slugging .370, when is it going to show up?

He also links to the awesomely named "Arrive in the third, leave after seven" blog claiming the Pads are done.

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I'll try and dig into the next draft pick pronto, I'll spend most of tomorrow in beautiful Hermosa (har har) Beach, so I can't get much work done then. I love SoCal.

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Lastly, thanks again to Geoff the musician and blogger at Ducksnorts, who has now twice linked to us here at PetcoPadres (we're humbled). We appreciate the traffic and just want to let him know his blog is incredible and most informative.

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One more item. I'll put up the Reagan pics tomorrow maybe, I just want them to have their own post not tied to a million other items. They're nothing too special, just a crowd shot and something unique. But I want to post them anyway because I keep talking about them.

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