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Friday, June 04, 2004

Setting the Table

Padres lose tonight, 3-1. Just no offense happening at Petco. Jay Payton's hitting streak was also snapped.

Division rivals Giants and Dodgers also won tonight, so the big squeeze is happening in the N.L. West. The Padres have basically squandered an opportunity to grab a nice division lead and not must scrap through a tough stretch of the schedule.

Good luck guys.

Tomorrow night they play Milwaukee again, 7 PM, Valdes and Obermueller go head to head.

Smarty Jones goes for the Triple Crown tomorrow, 3:38 PM PST (NBC), America will be watching, so should you. And the Lakers go for four tomorrow, 6 PST (ABC).

The chat function hopefully improves, maybe I'll make some announcements ahead of time if I do that again, I think we had five visitors during the span of the game, and nobody posted. Oh well.

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