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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Don't wash away a Padre win today...

Despite a two and a half hour rain delay, the Padres got the best of the Bosox today/tonight. Bronson Arroyo pitched like himself, Brian Lawrence didn't, and the Pads cruised to an easy 8-1 win on Nomahhhhhh's 2004 debut.

Khalil Greene went two for two with a walk, a run, and an RBI, and Nevin hit a happy little homerun over the Green Monster in left to give the Boston faithful something to ponder during the loss.

The rain did not, apparently, stop the beer from flowing. Mark and Matt felt the fans' standing up and surprising energy at the game's restart point had to do with the supposed greatness of the BoSox fan base. What it really had to do with was 1)the seats were wet, 2)a lot of the fans probably wanted to get up and go pee and 3)most of the fans probably imbibed anywhere from two to five beers during the delay, upping the noise and energy factor for all those who decided to stick around.

I was surprised by the turnout of Padre faithful. The cameras kept showing the crowd and there were many Padre fans sitting together and doing the usual back and forth with the East Coasters. Way to go Padre fans!

Tomorrow's game is the series finale, and Curt "Commissioner of Baseball" Schilling will face off against Ismael "I Just Threw A Nine Inning Shutouts Against The Brewers Neener Neener Neener" Valdez.

* * * * *

I've got a game plan to go over the draft stuff now. Well, at least a plan for one to two more days of coverage, should be interesting at least during that time period. You'll see tomorrow.

I've also found the names of the players USC has signed and I'll update on their draft status, but those names will be revealed tomorrow.

I also found two former Rancho Bernardo High School baseball players who were selected, and I'll also reveal those names tomorrow.

* * * * *
Geoff over at Ducksnorts has a good write-up on the problems of drafting high school shortstops, at least in the first round. It's reccomended reading, so high tail it over there, June 9 entry I believe.

I also reccomend stopping by Aaron's site and the Hardball Times and looking at their reviews of the draft. Excellent write-ups both.

Stop by tomorrow, I'll have some good things up.

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