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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Pads Win...Finally

And doesn't it feel good to come against Toronto? I mean, what's the best kind of streak breaker but one against a team from the A.L. East. A team from Canada, no less. You can just feel the excitement.

Note the sarcasm.

Anyway, I missed the game, but co-author Matt informed me it was won on a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad infiniti play by Greg Zaun where apparently Giles was out by a mile at home but the catcher inexplicably dropped the ball sans contact.

Strange, but I'll take it.

To nobody's surprise, the anemic offense pounded out an impressive three runs, giving Dennis Tankersley all kinds of support.

I'm starting to come around on Tank, he's pitched well and has really given the squad some consistency (albeit in a brief amount of time) at that fifth starter spot.

Anyway, a win is a win, and the Pads push to a game above .500. Hooray!

* * * * *
With the newfound cash that comes from having a virgin ballpark, it was expected before the season that Trader Towers would make some trades if he thought the team was contending. Well, despite the recent slide, the division can be had because nobody else is playing particularly well.

With that nice transition, I would like to ask my readers, all two of you (joking...), who you would like to see as trade candidates? Name anyone, just post below. I doubt Carlos Beltran is a serious candidate, but how about someone like Carl Everett on loan? I'm just throwing that name out there, but let's start some rumors here!

* * * * *
I'll try and get up what I've found about the Padres' #6 selection, Richard Steik, tomorrow. It might be best to just do these as I come across them, as the #7 pick has a ton of stuff to sort through and digest before putting on here, for example.

Steik's interesting, California kid tucked away at a tiny but relevant baseball J.C./C.C.

* * * * *
I also want to add my Mark Prior feature, since he pitched today, but I needed to use my digital cam and it's now 2 a.m. and indoor lighting is bad. Maybe tomorrow.

* * * * *
Tomorrow's game pits Batista (4-5, 4.32 ERA) against Lawrence (8-4, 4.12 ERA). 1:05 PST start, Channel 4.

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