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Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I'll go to tomorrow's game, supposedly. The local news is all over the frustration about a midweek day game affecting parking and the games in general scaring away customers from the high end restaurants in Gaslamp. It's something to watch, but it also disproves my theory that the park would lure younger, wealthier patrons. It looks like fans just want to eat at the game and maybe grab some grub at Dick's Last Resort over Acqua Al 2.

Tonight is also my first time seeing Matt Vasgergian call the game. He's another USC grad and despite some taunts, is really a hell of a broadcaster. He's really livened up the already interesting Mark Grant, knows his stuff, and has made some of the most exciting end of game calls I've ever witnessed.

So, props to Matt, and the game is just moments away from starting, we'll see if I update or not. Last week's author Victor just hooked up the wireless internet on my new laptop (Sony Vaio V505EXP) so I can now move around anywhere and do the whole internet thing. Exciting times, man.

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