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Monday, June 28, 2004

Holy Smokes We Have Offense

Ten runs, 17 hits. This sticks to my theory that the Padres either score under three runs or score over seven. Talk about manic.

Wells gets the win, the Padres finally jumped on a crappy pitcher (we've seen a lot of those lately) in Shane Reynolds. Good times all around. Six wins in seven games.

Now the test:
Tomorrow the recently acquired Sweeney takes the mound against revenge-minded Randy Johnson. I smell a 2-hitter.

6:35 PM PST, Channel 4. Arizona has that weird time zone thing. Yell at Victor, he goes to U of A.

* * * * *
I want to quickly point out that Michael at Citizens' Blog is doing some great work. He's really taken to Moneyball and has put out some amazing stuff on his site dealing with some of the more relevant statistical type things out there in the blog world.

I can also tell that it's getting close to election time, because Richard at Pearly Gates is getting more and more heated up at the innane stuff that's part of baseball. What a warrior, hehe.

Check out his bizarre story of fighting Star Wars characters (June 27 post). Only in California.

* * * * *
Link Time-Baseball America has a rundown of who each team has signed out of their draft class so far, and where applicable, their bonuses.

Here's the link for the Padres. Signed players in bold.

Known bonuses:
Matt Bush (likely to change, hehe)-$3,150,000
Billy Killian-$450,000

* * * * *
I've received several visitors from Random Fandom, a Diamondbacks fan blog that links to me. Thanks Random Fandom!

Be sure and take a look.

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This post sucked, I need more free time. Congrats again to Fullerton, can't stand Texas and their wannabe program, although Huston Street is awesome.

ByTheWay, if you've followed the CWS, you will be just as astounded as I am that Billy Beane and the Oakland Athletics were miraculously able to select the following GREAT players that we all saw on television dominate:

Huston Street-Texas Reliever
Kurt Suzuki-Fullerton Catcher (I saw him hit three consecutive doubles against USC)
Jason Windsor-CWS MVP, Fullerton Starting Pitcher

Nevermind they also took Danny Putnam, Landon Powell and Richie Robnett! What an unreal draft class.

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