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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Apologies for going on leave, sort of. Had some pressing things I'd been tending to. Anyway...

What a weird stretch of games, losing four out of six back east, and two straight to the D-Rays. I went to tonight's game, got free tickets, so my greatest appreciation goes out to the random Padres fan who offered two tickets to myself and co-author Victor.

The game was very disappointing and I came away with a greater understanding for Ducksnorts' frustration and ranting about Kerry Robinson. For unknown reasons the Padres led him off tonight and let him play center field.

Three Tampa triples and a few bad at bats later, I understood.

I've got a lot more, but still kinda busy. I am really hoping to dig into the next five draft picks the Padres made, so I'll try to hack into that jungle this weekend if possible.

Thanks go out to loyal reader Joe who let us know Padre minor leaguer Pete Stonard quit baseball earlier this week. A weird situation, really. I really appreciate those of you who email and keep me in check, so cheers to you, Joe!

I really left ya guys hanging this week and I apologize, I gotta get crankin' on some more material.

Last note, don't look now but the Padres are in third place in the N.L. West. Remember when I said a few weeks ago this last month or so would be a great time to really make a jump on the division, and get the team's act together?


I still think this squad is the best team in the N.L. West but their margin only narrows when they do things like lose five straight at home, fail to split with Boston and New York (Trevor Hoffman, what's the deal?!), and drop two in a row to the Devil Rays.


At least they have the new ballpark.

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