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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Enough USC

Hopefully I can give it a rest for a day ;o).

I'll get to the game in a moment, but first, this from Baseball America.

The Padres have their eyes set on FSU shortstop Stephen Drew, brother of J.D. Drew and Tim Drew.

There's still some talk of Long Beach star Jered Weaver and giant rice pitcher Jeff Niemann. We'll see what shakes out in just a few days (Monday June 7 and Tuesday June 8).

Here's some more on Stephen Drew:
FSU Athletics Profile
Stephen Drew, the #43 rated hitter in College Baseball (Hardball Times)

His current statistics:
14 2B
6 3B
14 HR
52 RBI
.469 OBP
.692 SLG
.384 G.P.A.

So that's the draft news.

One quick item, Hardball Times is taking a look at how the new ballparks (Philly, San Diego) have fared so far. Here's a look at Citizens' Bank Park, and they will soon talk about Petco, so stay tuned for their thoughts on the gameplay of the home ballpark. Both parks have been opposites, as Citizens' is turning into Coors Light (har, har) while Petco is playing like Safeco. I honestly don't think of these stupid puns, they just happen, but moving along.

I'd have more on last night's game, but I was interrupted in the middle of this post and didn't get back to it until now (4:32 PM PST) and am leaving soon to attend tonight's game.

It will pit rookie Justin Germano against some guy named Cook, in game two of this homestand against the Rockies.

Stay tuned...

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