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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Tonight, two mediocre pitchers faced off in a game expected to generate some runs.

One pitcher came through.

Former reliever Aaron Cook won the battle of Cook/Germano, thanks in no small part to impatient Padre batters. Too many first-pitch outs and double plays did the Padres in, and they also let Charles Johnson pull a one-night Bonds on them, doubling all over the place with three on the night.

The final score was 7-1 Rockies with Germano lasting just 2 2/3 and Jay Witasick working 4.1 innings of relief. Ducksnorts has talked this week about the overworked arms of Padre relievers, so this recent Witasick incident has to be called into question.

Certainly it makes sense to yank Germano and save some of his confidence, but he really could have helped the team by working another inning or two and saving the relievers, it's not like the Padres expect him to make their rotation anytime soon other than to spot start. Pitchers are competitors, unless they're basket cases give them the ball if it's still really early in the game and let them just throw the ball around, after seven runs it's not like Germano's confidence would drop any further with another two to three runs.

The Dodgers also lost tonight (noticing a pattern?) so the Padres are still a hair back in the division race.

Tomorrow's game pits sieves Shawn Estes and Brian Lawrence against each other, as the Padres hope to snap a 5-game home losing streak and grab a game from the Rockies before they leave town.

For those who care there is no Padre game scheduled Thursday.

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