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Monday, June 07, 2004

Big Post

First off, my belated respects to Ronald Reagan and condolences to his family. Like Ronald, I was also born in Illinois and am a native Californian. Beyond that, he has achieved far more than many of us can dream of.

Blessings to Mr. Reagan.

Ronald Wilson Reagan

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Sunday's Padre game was exactly the kind of baseball game I like to see. A good, not great outing from Eaton, and lots of exciting plays all around the field. Hernandez and Nevin both smashed homeruns, Nevin's building the lead from 5-3 to 8-3 that was hopefully the monkey off the back the team needed in finally winning two consecutive home games and scoring some runs right before the off day and the much anticipated East Coast swing into Boston and New York.

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Draft Update

The Padres in a mild surprise have selected Mission Bay H.S. Shortstop and Pitcher Matt Bush. He recently won a section title with his team, and obviously is of high regard among outgoing high schoolers.

There's just a wealth of things to talk about and point out about the draft, but I'll try to spread that out over the coming days instead of in one gigantic post (ahem, Aaron Gleeman).

Of note, the Padres just selected USC infielder Michael Moon in one of their later first day rounds. I'm not the highest on Moon, as I think he's regressed a bit, but time will tell.

Here are the Padres' Picks so far.

Ever since Moneyball, I've been curious to watch the A's drafts, but now with J.P. Ricciardi in Toronto, Boston's G.M. whose name I've momentarily forgot, and now Paul DePodesta with the Dodgers, it is intriguing to watch what these teams do in their drafts.

Site co-author Victor just called to tell me the A's selected Danny Putnam in the supplemental round. I read earlier in the week somewhere that Putnam would be a classic A's choice as a very solid college hitter who is "too short" to play one of those corner outfield spots.

What's little known is that he came to the Cardinal as a centerfielder and could not wrestle the job from 4-year starter Sam Fuld, another highly recruited athletic CF from a high school in New Hampshire.

Putnam's teammate, David O'Hagan, a pitcher, was taken by the Padres in one of the earlier rounds.

So far:
5 high school selections (including the first three picks)
9 fourth-year college players
3 college juniors (two from community colleges)

9 right handed pitchers
2 left handed pitchers
5 infielders
1 outfielder

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Whoah. Ok, well, I just checked the A's draft. They've won. At least from what I see, hehe.

Some of the best players out there are the 1-year property of Oakland:

Landon Powell- Catcher, South Carolina
Danny Putnam- CF, Stanford
Huston Street- RHP, Texas
Kurt Suzuki- C, Fullerton

Bonanza. I've liked all of those guys for a good amount of time, and the A's hauled them all in with their early picks. Great job, Billy Beane.

I cannot believe Suzuki could be found with the 67th pick, the guy's the best hitting catcher in college baseball, a veritable doubles machine and someone who should skyrocket through the minors. Dang.

I don't recognize many names from Boston's or L.A.'s draft so far, but I do notice Boston is taking far less regional/local kids as the previous regime (smart), and they did take ASU's Dustin Pedroia, one of college baseball's finest hitters who also happens to be a middle infielder.

Toronto had two solid early choices back to back in USC's Joey Metropoulos and Stanford's Brian Hall. Both are infielders who are patient hitters with some pop (well, lots of pop in Metro's case) in their bats.

More to come...

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The Manager's Scorecard.

The Hardball Times has this fun examination about Managers' decisions and restraint. Bruce Bochy appears to be one of the most restrained in all of the Majors. This is important because as THT contends and I more or less agree, the more managers try to do to influence games, either the worse their team is or the more they're hurting their teams.

No surprise, but Tony LaRussa looks like Chief Meddler, along with Lloyd McClendon in the National League. Maybe that's why they got suspended recently for their altercation?

Chief Meddler... I like that.

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