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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Via Frinklin, they're talking about Mark Kotsay's wife (I'm soon to get 1,000 visitors via Yahoo and Google for using that magic three word term) on Athletics and Mariners blogs. Baseball should have a photo day with his wife.

No, I don't have pics.

Yes, she's hot. We traded him but for the fans that saw her on the scoreboard at Qualcomm promoting something or other with the Padres' wives association they've never forgotten. She's a legend and she's not ours anymore so if you want pics/info, I don't have it.

Just thought I'd mention that.

Oh by the way (USC alum) Randy Johnson fanned eight Padres last night, meaning he has reached 4,000 K's. The answer is: Jeff Cirillo (another USC alum).

Pads win. The rookie has the best game he will ever pitch in his career, which means the Padres will get stupid and keep him with the big club instead of sending him right back once Peavy is activated.

Yes that has me annoyed.

Yes it's 6:30AM and I'm already not looking forward to my workday.

Yes Khalil Greene is now a living legend in San Diego. Spicoli has risen from the ashes.

Yes I'm done with this post.

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