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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Trojan Family Love And San Diego Love

I'll get to my day in a moment, but first off, BIG congratulations to Randy Johnson, ye of the perfect game today. Fittingly, it was against Atlanta just a few days after Ben Sheets melted them for 18K's.

I'm going to throw some links at you now:

Big Unit By The Numbers

MLB Perfect Games. What are Mike Witt, Tom Browning, and Kenny Rogers doing on there?!

The Box Score. Poor Chipper Jones, he struck out three times.

The Story. 40 years old, wow.

In case you haven't caught on, Randy Johnson went to USC and thus, he gets lots of praise here. Trojans have each others' back, unless they're homicidal. So if you're thinking about going to USC, I'll tell you now it is a wise decision.

Come to think of it, I just added my "USC Alumni" license plate frames yesterday, they look awesome. The few. The proud. Trojans.

School spirit aside, it's time for some San Diego love. Let's just list things here for simplicity: Sombrero. Hooter's. Anthony's Fish Grotto downtown. Rockin' Baja. Casa De Bandini.

I hit 'em all today. I'm more than stuffed with booze and food, so don't pilsbury my belly. Sombrero's is relevant because Blink 182 mentions them in a song and they're right down the road from me. They have terrific breakfast burritos and much more. People often leave food for the band there, what happens to it I don't know, but that's the story.

Inbetween Hooters and Bandini was lots of booze and a little food. I survived somehow, thanks to the loving support of my family. And the nightcap was a margarita at Bandini, probably the best margarita in town, plus some yummy fried ice cream.

I could fill in a lot more details, but if you live here you know and if you don't its just hard with local biases and other things to really make the effort of convincing.

And if you think San Diegans as people aren't also great, check this story out about a San Diego man returning Danny Graves' missing wallet and the hassle he went through doing it. The Link.

Now, to the Padres. Tonight's game was postponed due to rain, and will be made up in a doubleheader tomorrow starting at 2:05 PST. The Dodgers lost to Philly 8-7, so some ground has been made up in the division race.

Lastly, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a story on former Padre Oliver Perez, who has been outstanding for the Buccos so far.

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