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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Today, Wednesday

This weirds me out. I'm probably going to tomorrow's Cubs/Dodger game (repeatedly noted below, can you tell my excitement?) here in Los Angeles, so I'm reading DodgerThoughts and John's Dodger Blog (both run by guys named Jon/John), prominently linked to the right, and I check the pitching matchup:

Clement v. Ishii.

I don't go to many Dodger games. I think this will be my fourth in four years here. It's also the second time I will have seen Ishii start against the Cubs. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Although there is. Ishii likes to dilly-dally. He throws 3-0 counts like they're going out of style, and then tries to pitch out of them, letting batters foul everything off until either party gets tired.

And as I've said, I've already had the "Kaz Ishii experience" once before. I understand he's one of five regular starters and the odds of seeing him pitch again are very good. But it's still odd, and a touch ironic considering he was going against the Cubs the second to last time I saw the Dodgers in person.

And I'm NOT complaining. It's just a situation similar to where you show up at the theatres with friends or a date, not knowing what you're going to see, but when it's decided, it's something you've either already seen or seen something drastically similar to it. You're not upset, but you know a fair amount of what's going to happen already.

The cool thing is my friends are doing that whole Coca Cola family pack thing, with parking, tickets, a Dodger Dog and a soda included. It's a really good deal especially given stadium prices and ticket prices. Dodger Stadium also happens to be a very underrated baseball experience, I've had a blast each time I've gone and this time should no doubt live up to that.


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