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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

This Isn't Good

The Pads aren't on TV here so I'm watching the Cubs/Dodgers game. First off, I love Vin Scully. Best announcer in the game, by far. Now that we've got that homage aside, the game has gone like this:

Ramon Martinez doubles Marty Barrett home, Cubs up 1-0
Beltre solo shot off Kerry Wood, Dodgers tie it 1-1
Jason Grabowski hits his first career homer off Wood to the same spot in right field, driving in Juan Encarnacion, Dodgers up 3-1

Kerry Wood finishes the inning and gets yanked. Arm troubles, anyone? Argh.

Padre update:

Padres down 2-0. Ken Griffey solo shot and Aaron Harang doubles, advances to third on error by Giles, Barry Larkin gets an infield single (?!) and Harang scores.

Oh, and Loretta got caught stealing second as Giles was caught looking.

RIGHT. Not a good start. All of this courtesy of ESPN gametracker.

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