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Thursday, May 06, 2004

This And That

ESPN's power rankings are out, and the Padres are 10th. Not bad.

Right now the Padres are 17-11, playing at a .607 clip (third best in the NL). The odd part is they still trail the Dodgers, who are 16-10 and playing at a .615 clip. It is early in the season, but teams tend to sort themselves out over the next few weeks, so that time will be crucial in determining how realistic of a shot both teams have. I'm not even close to being ready to count out the Giants or D-Backs yet, as both have started to play better but aren't advancing much in the win column.

Check out the Padres' home/road split so far-
Home: 11-5
Road: 6-6

Hoooooooome cookin!

I have a hard time believing the Dodgers can continue what they are doing. I've seen a few of their games and are getting a lot of timely hits from the Izturis/Cora/Beltre/Roberts group. That won't last. Neither will Paul LoDuca's impressive hitting. Dodger fans will also note their pitching hasn't been terrific, and it should improve, but I think they'll realize how hard it is to win with 3 holes in their lineup over 162 games.

The Padres should know, they had about 5-6 holes in the lineup at any time last year. This leads to another point. None of the Padres are really playing out of their minds right now. Well, maybe Eaton and Peavy are doing a little better than expected, but overall some of the better hitters aren't even doing all that well. The good thing is Brian Giles just woke up from his monthlong slumber and is raking, but Nevin and Klesko are still sort of cruising along and Payton and Hernandez are tepid at best. What makes me enthusiastic is the play in the field and at leadoff of Sean Burroughs. The guy isn't a terror or anything, but he works the count, gets a walk, runs the basepaths, and gets timely hits. Not bad for a leadoff guy.

Oh, and Khalil Greene hasn't been too bad either. Winning NL Rookie of the Month doesn't mean a lot, but it does say he did play pretty well in April.


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