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Friday, May 21, 2004

Not Brian's Page Anymore (for at least a week)

I'm Brian's HS friend Victor...you can find out more about me at http://reraise.blogspot.com (read from the bottom).

Anyways I was about to write about how Kevin Towers needs to stop this obsession with having a left-handed reliever for the longest time instead of having a guy that can get left-handed batters out. However just in on the transaction wire is that Eddie Oropesa was outrighted to Portland to make room for Rod Beck.

I'm not going to talk about Padres games because I've been in Tucson and haven't seen a game on TV other than what I see on ESPN, box scores and the U-T website.

What Peter Gammons does best is bring up rumors involving trades that he gets from his "sources." As all of you are well aware the latest rumor has the Padres trading Klesko to an AL team to dump his backloaded contract and because they don't believe that Klesko will be able to adjust to Petco due to his shoulder. Now this is a good reason to trade Klesko, who will take him? Remember that Klesko has a no-trade clause that he will most likely not waive, especially since he has stated many times that he wants to stay in SoCal and will definitly not waive unless he was probably traded to a contender especially if the Padres are in the hunt. So where does this land him? Anaheim, who is without a good DH, but I highly doubt they will take him due to their high payroll unless the Padres want another high priced contract but that will probably not be any improvement over Ryno.

Time for baseball picks a la Aaron's Baseball Blog
Unlike Aaron, I like to use the run line (team must win by 2 if denoted by a -1.5)
Lines are from Pinnacle Sports

San Francisco (Tomko) +132 vs. Montreal (Hernandez) (at San Juan)
Yankees (Brown) -102 -1.5 vs. Texas (Benoit)
White Sox (Buehrle) vs. Minnestota (Silva) +113
Los Angeles (Perez) vs. Atlanta (Ortiz) -111
Baltimore (Dubose) vs. Anaheim (Washburn) +165 -1.5

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