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Friday, May 07, 2004

Lovely San Diego

I am in San Diego. It's just for a day or two, but I love this town. Living in Los Angeles is incredible, but an urban lifestyle has its challenges. I'll save the comparison between cities for another day to get to my other ramblings...

I heard on the radio while driving down to SD that Rubio's is selling "street tacos" for $1.00. They're those miniature tacos with corn shells, stuffed with carnitas. I love carnitas. Easy sell basically. Just went in and ordered one. It tasted good, not great, basically what I expected. But while waiting I was staring at the menu---Good Lord how expensive that place is. I don't know who continues to eat there but whoever you are you're getting overcharged.

The prices must be right, because they're still in business long after I stopped being a regular. I'll usually go to Fins now for my fish tacos, but that is another story altogether. Rubio's lost me as they made this ridiculous transition from reasonably priced, clean, friendly restaurant with good portions to the opposite of each previous condition.

expensive? Check.
dirty? Check.
Unfriendly? Check.
meager portions? Check.

Unreal. I'm not joking when I tell you I've had several fish tacos from them just to see if they'll ever improve where the fish fillet is not even half the size of the smallish tortilla. Everytime I'm paying $2.00 for way too much salsa and cabbage. Their cheese quesadilla costs a whopping $4 plus.

Waxing nostalgic can be annoying, but it used to be Rubio's had two large fish fillets extending beyond the tortilla, at around $1.19, without all the salsa.


Rubio's aside, I love San Diego. But please excuse me while I knock down my microwave dinner that's getting cold.

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