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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Interesting New "Site"ing

Sports Amnesia mentioned PetcoPadres recently. Lots of links, and a good mix of baseball news and other stuff. Looks like a Notre Dame fan also, which is cool because the Irish and the Trojans are my teams in CFB.

All because of the "street taco".

It's an odd term, but it makes sense if you've been down to Ensenada or any other Mexican town, hell, L.A. even. They're being sold out of these portable carts on the street. Of course, they're $0.65 for delicious fish street tacos and $0.70 for the cold beer in Ensenada.

That reminds me I really want to head down there this summer, just kick back for a day and have fish tacos, ceviche, beer, and just walk around.

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