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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

In: USC Out: MIT

The Padres have returned Jason Szuminski to the Cubs to make roster room for Jeff Cirillo. This is probably a good move as Vazquez has done nothing with his bat and a shakeup might be needed on the bench.

Here's the story.

In other news, I'm watching my Rose Bowl DVD of the 2004 USC/Michigan game. Great game.

Pac10 > Big10

There is a USC preview right now on the front page of collegefootballnews.com. The cover page of the site says: The Trojan Dynasty. I love it.

Here's their USC Preview. It's not bad, there are some errors in spots (Lenny Vandermade graduated!), but overall it's fair and recognizes some of the team trends. What's funny is how many good players are not mentioned (Sedrick Ellis, Keith Rivers, Josh Pinkard off the top of my head).

Guess who the 2004-2005 Heisman frontrunner will be?

The season is just a few months away, and I absolutely cannot wait. The defense should be just short of outstanding (as it has been the previous two seasons), and the offense won't miss a beat. I'm not kidding on that second one, Matt Leinart has such great command of the offense, the offensive line is just ok but will get a lot better as the season rolls along and the skill players are second to none.

Lose Mike Williams, you say? So what! Whitney Lewis, Steve Smith, William Buchanon and a host of other talented WRs are coming back. Then there's the hammers in Hershel Dennis and LenDale White. USC also has three great tight ends and the ultimate weapon that nobody has been able to figure out, San Diego native Reggie "Bush in 2004".

Good times, good times :o). ByTheWay... In the above image I was on the sidelines literally five feet from Reggie when he held his finger up. A great moment in my life, really, I was standing there as the play developed and saw Bush go to the outside and I almost jumped out of my pants because the entire field was open for him to cut back literally on a b-line in my direction. Reggie did just that, and got a highlight reel touchdown.

Looking back it made me realize what superb vision he has as a running back, he basically saw what I saw, from the other side of the field. That takes some major skill to visualize like that and Reggie has that kind of vision. I'm kind of not making sense here, but I'll try an analogy.

Pretend you're standing in a crowd of people on the busy New York sidewalks looking towards a goal 60 yards away, there are all these people and cars each moving at their own rate, some fast, some slow, and you have to slow things down in your mind to try and grasp their velocities and expected movement while trying to get to your goal untouched.

Pretty tough.

Well, a football field isn't filled with hundreds of people, but it has twenty or so very big and fast people in a very small space.

Now imagine a friend of yours is sitting near that goal and has a perfect view of the only possible route for you to get to that goal untouched.

Now, it's impossible to see what that friend is seeing, you can guess a little, but it's just a difficult thing for the human mind to grasp.

On that specific play, Reggie Bush literally saw what I was seeing, a clear route for a touchdown on a field of moving defenders and teammates in various spots. He had to know not only that there was a lane, that each player was going to move at a certain speed and either make it to a spot or not make it to a spot, but had to trust in his own vision and speed and creativity to get that touchdown.

Reggie Bush did that, saw that, and got the touchdown because of it. Amazing. Only a special few have that kind of vision and instinct, and Reggie's got it. What a blessing for USC.


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