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Sunday, May 16, 2004

If It Looks Like We've Been Away... We Have

My apologies. I'm in that hectic two week period of pregraduation and postgraduation. I basically haven't had a moment to sit still for a few days and it's burning me up that I haven't been able to get to here and even look at the site stats or anything, read all the other wonderful blogs, etc.

I probably won't update for another day or so, but I will try. What is of note is that I will be AT Petco Park for MY first visit to the stadium to see the revamped 2004 San Diego Padres in person today (Sunday) against my beloved Cubbies. The game should be a blast and if I can find my battery charger and transfer some pics from graduation and the Nixon Library onto my laptop wherever the heck it is among the luggage, I'll be able to take a few pics and try once again to have some images on here. The Dodger game pics appear to be a failure, but to the few that did see them, weren't they cool?!

Also, I've added Rooftop Report to our links. It's a really cool Cubs blog, so check that one out when you get the chance.

Quick standings check:

21-16 (.568)
2.0 Games Behind Los Angeles

0.5 Games Behind Chicago for N.L. Wild Card

So I'll leave you with that.

One last thing...

Go Trojans!


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