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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Ian Kennedy

You've heard his name before, right?

Well if you haven't, now would be a good time to learn it. Ian is a freshman pitcher at USC, and already is one of the nation's finest. He is a crafty righty playing for college baseball's most storied program.

I mention his name because the Hardball Times' Craig Burley has done some really complex math to try and figure out park factors and the like in determining the best players in college baseball. The formula is not perfect, but I don't understand it enough to criticize. His methodology is explained in the link.

What I can do is point out the results, right here. He has listed the top 100 pitchers and batters in the NCAA as determined by his math.

Check out the #41 pitcher. Yep, Ian Kennedy. Not bad for a Freshman. He's no Mark Prior (I doubt he ever will be), but he's a lot of fun to watch and wins games, he's a lot like Barry Zito in that he'll walk a few, but also strikes them out, doesn't get crazy, and only loses when guys put the ball in play a lot.

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