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Saturday, May 08, 2004

The Hardball Times Turns The Corner

Back in March when the Hardball Times got started, I was excited. It looked like something in the vision of the All Baseball network, with several prominent bloggers and writers making their contributions. But after the first few weeks I was underwhelmed. Worse, I declined to stop by everyday.


I think they've found their sea legs, it took about a month but The Hardball Times has arrived. Not all the writers have made a dent yet (wags finger at Padre fan Vinay Kumar), but it's very readable, entertaining, and informative. Best of all, their stats function that baffled me before has come to life. It's still young but they're updating pretty regularly and it is very useful.

So to use a cliche, hat's off to them. I really like the site now, and I'm betting it's a lot closer to the vision of its creators than when it started, when the best word to describe it was: amalgam.

Why did I spend a few paragraphs of space to tell you all that? Well, it was a roundabout way to tell those that read this far that their stats thingy says Padre second baseman Mark Loretta is currently 10th in the National League in runs created with 24. Oddly enough, Padre castoff and game winning grand slam hero Rondell White is 5th in the American League with 25. Way to go Rondell!


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