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Saturday, May 22, 2004

The bullpen is human

The arrival of Rod Beck was supposed to strengthen an already very strong bullpen. Hopefully last night's game is just an anomaly. Akinori Otsuka blew his first major league save and boosted his ERA to a whopping 1.69 as the Padres lose their first game at First Citizen. The good news that can come from this is that this is only the first blown save in 6 weeks for the Padres bullpen and Adam Eaton chalked up a quality start (his first in over a month). Looks like the Padres are now in a 6 team race for the wild card being 1/2 game back and being tied with the Dodgers for the division lead (sounds like '96).

If you saw the MLB.com website you would have seen the headline: "Mulder has no-hitter through 5." What's up with that, the guy hasn't even faced the lineup twice and MLB is already getting ready for no-hitter coverage. The Royals and the Yankee offense have to be the two biggest dissapointments in baseball thus far.

One big surprise is Barry Bonds. The guy could have sat out the series against the Expos in San Juan, but said that he'll play for the fans and put on a couple of back braces. Is this the Barry Bonds we all know? He actually cares about the fans? My opinion has to be that if you let the guy do his thing he doesn't seem that bad at all. And once again, walking Barry cost the Expos the game (but made me some cash).

I think the Lakers will sweep the T'Wolves

If you look at my picks, all of my wins were due to runs in the 7th or 8th inning. The Giants had 6 in the 7th, Anaheim had 4 in the 8th (covering the run line too) and Atlanta had 1 in the 7th.

Last night: 3-2 +$195

Saturday's picks:
St. Louis (Williams) +113 -1.5 vs. Cubs (Rusch)
Los Angeles (Weaver) vs. Atlanta (Wright) +161 -1.5
Arizona (Sparks) vs. Florida (Penny) +124 -1.5
Kansas City (Grenike) vs. Oakland (Zito) +100 -1.5
Houston (Clemens) vs. Cincinnati (Harang) +166 (Yes, this is a ballsy pick)
Baltimore (Ponson) +110 vs. Anaheim (Escobar)

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