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Monday, May 17, 2004

The Bad

Do roses really smell like ...?

Just two of the "bad" things for Los Padres this season, Eddie Oropesa and (lack of) home runs.

First, the lack of doozies. The Padres have 22 home runs, dead last in the Majors behind even the hapless 'Spos who managed to somehow hit 27 and listless Seattle with 24. The Cubs hit seven AT Petco this series alone.

Now, for the doozie.

Eddie Oropesa.
9 IP
1 HR
12.00 ERA

Kids, this is not how to go through life.

Eddie has taken an absolute beating for two months strong. In 15 appearances, he's surrendered runs in seven of them, including three of two or more runs. Remember, kids, he's a lefty reliever who is asked most of the time to record an out or two then leave.

He's also walked a batter in nine of those fifteen appearances.

Check out his heroic sixth inning against Arizona on April 25:

L. Gonzalez walked
L. Gonzalez stole second
L. Gonzalez to third on wild pitch by E. Oropesa
R. Sexson walked
S. Finley walked, R. Sexson to second

Antonio Osuna came on to inherit that mess and also failed, but at least he's had a pulse in his other outings.

One fun part of my stat-searching right now is checking out ESPN's Padres pitching page and seeing four relievers with sub 2.00 ERAs right now.

To know that Peavy, Eaton, Wells, Lawrence and Valdez have 74 innings of sub-2.00 ERA support is comforting.

Look at this murderer's row:

A. Otsuka (19.0 IP/0.95 ERA)
T. Hoffman (13.0 IP/1.38 ERA)
S. Linebrink (23.0 IP/1.57 ERA)
J. Witasick (19.1 IP/1.86 ERA)

66K/16BB combined.

Now, that was GOOD stuff, and this post was titled THE BAD, so I've messed up and disgressed, bad me, but since I run the blog I can do what I want and today I pull rank.

That's all I have for now, enjoy.


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