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Monday, May 17, 2004

And The Brooms Came Out

Series sweep, ouch. I'm beginning to think Petco Park has seriously repressed the Padres' offense, but I haven't done the research to prove it yet, maybe I'm just making this up, I don't know.

Anyway, I made it to the park yesterday, it looks terrific. I had a monster headache and it was loud so I wasn't in the best mood during the game, but right away I can tell the park was designed in part for people to walk around and look at it. It's very visual and interactive, much like San Diego county. There's a lot to see and do and I'll leave that up to you for now to observe, but if I catch another game this year I'll have some better observations.

The one interesting thing is that as I was into my own thoughts somewhere in the middle of the game I thought it pretty cool that I was attending a baseball game in Downtown. I could see the city skyline from my seats in right field and knew the Gaslamp was just a few blocks away. I don't think all downtown ballparks are capable of incorporation into a downtown area, but Petco Park has clearly fit in. It is an expensive gift to the people of San Diego... FROM the people of San Diego, bribery and corruption be damned ;o).

Quick observations:

Khalil Greene is fun to see in person. He turned his own double play and just does everything effortlessly. He had the loudest cheers during game introductions, so he might just be a fan favorite at a very young point in his career.

Sammy Sosa disappointed all in attendance by what I was told was an incident involving sneezing and back spasms.


The Cubs gift wrapped Sunday's game, starting without Sosa and middle infielders Todd Walker and Alex Gonzalez, and trotting in Glendon Rusch to close a road series. The Padres messed this one up.

The Padres are now 21-17 (.553), 2 games behind the Dodgers (22-14) in the N.L. West and 1.5 games back of Chicago/Houston (22-15) for the N.L. Wild Card. They have the sixth best record in the National League.

Next Series:

At Pittsburgh (17-18)
Tue 5/18 through Thu 5/20
All games on Ch. 4, 4:05 P.M.

First game:
Brian Lawrence
5-2 (4.57)
Kris Benson
3-3 (4.64)

And then it's off to Philadelphia (19-16) for back to back series in Pennsylvania. Check out Citizens' Blog linked to the right under Friends for info on the Phillies and the annoying but very interesting Honest Wagner for info on the Pirates, linked under Other Team Blogs on the right.


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