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Thursday, May 13, 2004

The Aftermath

Well, last night is over and today is a new day. But for many at that game, it was something special to remember into today and the next. For some other reviews and thoughts, check out Dodger Thoughts, especially the game comments in the comments section, as well as 6-4-2, The Cub Reporter and Cubs Now!. If still intrigued, just surf around for other Dodger or Cub related blogs. Everyone was impressed or befuddled.

Right now my pics aren't showing, so if you don't see anything, my apologies, I just signed up for the image hosting thing last night in a rush to get the images up. Apparently they were showing for a while but not this morning. If anyone has any image host suggestions that allow me to link just the image URL to this page and it will still show, let me know in email or the comments section.

I'm about to step away here, but I'll try and do 2-3 small items on here today, there are some things I want to gloss over, and they should be interesting quick reads if nothing else, so check back later tonight maybe?

The Lakers are on tonight, so hopefully I'm in front of the TV and hopefully the energetic, shotmaking, inspired Lakers show up and not the old ones. It's been a frustrating series for me because the Spurs guards are doing whatever they want. The Lakers have about seven guards on their roster and none can even stay with Hedo Turkoglu, let alone Ginobili or Parker. Imagine if Bruce Bowen could play offense?

Kobe cannot guard them all, and Shaq had needed a lot of help when Duncan draws him high or posts him up. I'm not joking, watch the game, Kobe's literally watching all five guys on every play, cheating over to try and give a lot of help D. It's not fun for him right now because he's gotta save his energy for offense and his inept teammates just aren't good enough to play against the Spurs.

The game was won the other night just as much by Kobe going off as the Spurs guards missing their shots late in the game when they had the opportunities. Will they miss them a second time around? Not likely. Either way they'll be open, and its difficult to see that.

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