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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Well Wasn't That a Bummer

Giants score five in the 9th to rally and win 6-3. Brian Giles had an inside-the-park homer (well, triple and an error).

The bullpen's been terrible this season, and the starters have been great. Peavy had another terrific outing, as his fastball was moving all over the place. Great stuff.

Week in Review:

The Padres are now 3-3, having lost two out of three to the Dodgers on the road before taking two out of three from the Giants at Petco. They have scored 24 runs and allowed 22.

The good news is that the starting rotation has done its job and the hitters are faring pretty well. They've gotten on base a lot but haven't been the most efficient at scoring runs so far.

What is notable is that every single game was "winnable". In fact, both Dodger losses were considered Padre wins on the surface, as was tonight's game. I have a feeling the bullpen will fix itself, since Bochy's been tempting fate with a lot of Valdes and Oropesa where normally Osuna and Otsuka might come in. Hoffman's gotta get it together though, or everyone will start wondering where Shooter Beck is. Same goes for Linebrink, who had been so steady all of last season.


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