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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Sunday Night Baseball

The Pads will be broadcast nationally on ESPN tonight, looking for a three-game sweep of the G-men (unbelievable) at Petco.

Felipe Alou promises no more funny business and has moved Barry The Great to third in the lineup. Of course, it could have just as much to do with Michael Tucker as anything else. Sabean is a smart guy but I never understood that pickup. Moving along...

I'm doing way too many things right now, but if I can get a little more done I'll be chillin' with new site co-author Matt to watch the game at his pad. If form holds the ice cream truck with the remix music will swing by ohhhhh... 30 times, and the kid with the loud scooter will go up and down the street ohhhhh... 10 times. Not that either are annoying or anything.


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