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Wednesday, April 28, 2004


It's early, and there's the obligatory need to scream out "small sample size" but look at the NL West:

San Diego: 12-9
Los Angeles: 12-7
Colorado: 9-11
Arizona: 9-11
San Francisco: 8-13

Maybe the Giants sans Bonds and a healthy Schmidt are the worst team in baseball? Could be. I still don't know what Sabean was thinking with the Michael Tucker pickup. Maybe it's just a bad early start for the Bay Area Bombers, but I know the Padres will "take it". Perhaps a revealing clue is that Bonds is swingin' for the fences this year. I was having lunch with a friend who pointed out if Bonds thought the Giants were contenders this year he'd probably be less involved in trying to catch Ruth in one season as it appears he is doing. Look at last year, his HRs were way down and the Giants won 100 games.

Correlation? Maybe. But Barry would never admit to as much.

As for the Dodgers... Well, I think they're falling back to Earth. But it is surprising that their offense is something like the third best in the NL. They're probably better than expected, but not by much. Baseball seasons are long and tend to shake out the flukes, even if it takes until September (ahem, Royals of 2003).

I think the standings will continue to adjust for a month or so, but it looks like right now San Diego and L.A. are the class of the division, if only by a little bit. I'm curious if the Giants make a move, or the D-backs, because it's hard to think that L.A. can just walk right past the giants for that #1 or #2 spot.

On a side note, would it have been so bad for the Padres to have kept Kevin Walker over Eddie Oropesa? What was Towers thinking?

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